Property Management & Serviced Offices

Property Management & Serviced Offices

Providing planting across multiple sites with differing requirements is something we are very comfortable with. Whether this is a complete planting scheme to bring your serviced office to life and attract tenants, or a fresh flower display for the reception, our planting experts can help.

Complete Package

We have decades of experience and resident experts in interior planting, exterior planting and fresh flowers.  Therefore, whatever your requirement, we can support you.

Multiple Sites

With teams positioned across the UK and Ireland we can support your site, wherever it is located.  You can rely on us to deliver consistent quality, service and care across your portfolio and give your clients complete satisfaction.  Our customer portal is available for you to check in on every site, remotely. 


You need to be able to be flexible and we recognise the importance of this.  At Plant Plan we will work with you to deliver what you need right now, but if your needs change along the way we can quickly implement changes to the look and feel of the planting and ensure your planting and/or flowers are always fit for purpose.

Planting can quickly become a fundamental part of your business’s brand identity. Use it to underscore your style or simply create a visually striking setting that customers will quickly come to associate with your brand and message.

With increased reliance on flexible work spaces there is nothing that will make yours stand out like an impactful planting design.  

Our designers can help you create a planting scheme that is visually appealing to your customers and will help increase your return on investment.

Many of the world’s most innovative and fast-growing businesses are also those that have invested time and thought into their physical premises. Creating an environment with connections to nature has benefits for everyone, and makes a strong visual statement.

Here to support

Plant Plan offers a full maintenance service carried out by specialist, uniformed technicians who take care of regular watering, feeding, cleaning, pruning, and pest control. Our plant replacement policy means that any dead, dying or overgrown plants will be replaced immediately, free of charge. Your account manager will ensure you have the best possible experience and you can keep up with the latest detail across your sites via our customer portal.

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Making your clients feel at home

Making your clients feel at home

At a time when your biggest competition for office space is the home, it is important to blur the edges between home and the office. Using plants and flowers is a great way to do this and we advocate multi-faceted planting schemes that make people desire to be in and work from your space.

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