FAQs About Plant Plan

FAQs About Plant Plan

Renting Plants

  • Can I rent or hire Office Plants?
    Renting your office plants makes great sense and is a route that a lot of companies choose. Plant Plan have been hiring plant displays to companies since 1977 so we’re experts at providing this service.
  • What are the advantages of renting office plants?

    Firstly, renting or hiring your office plants saves time and gives you a lot more flexibility – rather than having to invest a lot of time sourcing pots and plants and spend a lot of money up-front on planters and plants our professional design team will specify planters and plants that match your needs and budget, and organise everything from samples through to delivery.  And if you want to change the pots after a year or two, that’s no problem, we’ll be there to help!

    Secondly, we include our full maintenance service within our rental costs.  So your plants will be cared for and maintained, ensuring they keep looking their best.  And if one dies or becomes unsightly we’ll change it free of charge.

  • How much does it cost to rent office plants?
    Renting office plants is not a big expense. Obviously the exact costs depend on the style and size of the planter and plant, and also how many plants you have in the office. However, as a ballpark figure they start from around £1.80 per week for a plant display, and are around £2.85 per week for larger displays.
  • Do I have to commit to a long contract?
    There’s no need to commit to long contracts when renting office plants from Plant Plan. Most of our customers go for 2 year or 3 year terms, but we will work around your needs. Tell us how long you’d like to commit to and we’ll work out a package that matches your needs.
  • Can I rent plants where we're based?
    Plant Plan rent plants to companies all over the UK and Ireland. From Inverness to St Ives, Lowerstoft to Limerick we deliver and maintain plants for our customers. We’ve got teams of professional Plant Maintenance Technicians who’ll look after your plants, and our design teams travel the length and breadth of the UK to help customers get the best possible planting scheme for their site.

Getting a Quote

  • What sort of planting do you provide?

    We provide a huge range of both live and replica plant displays, suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. This includes:

    • Plants of all varieties and sizes, from huge statement trees to tiny decorative plants.
    • Troughs, planters and pots, including bespoke design/branding.
    • Living walls and ceilings using live and replica plants.
    • Moss panels and signage.
    • External green walls using UV-safe replica plants.
    • Exterior planting using live or replica plants.
  • How do we get a design and quote done?
    Simply get in touch, either by phone, email, or via the Contact Us page on the website to arrange a free, no obligation site consultation. Once we’ve seen your space and understood what you want to achieve we’ll come up with a scheme that fits your needs, works with your space, and meets your budget.
  • Do you always have to visit a site to do a quotation?
    No, if the site isn’t ready or you need some ideas straight away we can work from drawings, site plans, or just some photos of the space.
  • What areas do you cover?
    Plant Plan has strategic bases in Leicester and London and remotely based Maintenance teams sited all over the UK and Ireland. So wherever you are we’re able to deliver our unrivalled planting expertise to you.

Project Collaboration

  • Does Plant Plan work with interior designers?
    Yes, absolutely. In fact, we work with an array of other professionals including architects, facilities management, and property management companies, providing the expertise they need to bring their creative vision to life. We also work directly with business owners and managers, and design and build contractors.
  • Do you do product training events?
    Yes, we do – get in touch with a member of our team to book an upcoming event.
  • Can Plant Plan supply plants and planters to a colour palette?
    Indeed we can. For clients wishing to achieve a specific look with their planting scheme we are always happy to advise on plant varieties that will complement their existing décor or branding. We also supply preserved moss wall installations and signage which can be dyed to the client’s preferred colour palette. In addition, Plant Plant can source a huge range of planters which can be matched to a company’s brand colours using RAL or BS colours.
  • Will Plant Plan source planters and plants for us?
    Yes. Many of our clients come to us with pictures they’ve seen, for example on Instagram or Pinterest, and with access to a global supply chain Plant Plan is ideally placed to track down the exact product they’re looking for. In the unlikely event we can’t do this, then we will always suggest suitable alternatives.


  • How do you deliver?
    Plant Plan has a team of fully trained installation technicians and a fleet of delivery vans enabling us to carry out our own deliveries and installations. For large-scale installations, we may require lorry access to your premises. On occasion, we may use a trusted courier service to deliver easily transportable items such as moss panels.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we send our products to countries all over the world including Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, USA, and Australia.
  • Do you need a forklift or other machinery on-site to complete delivery?
    Normally we do not require any heavy equipment to complete deliveries. On occasion, larger installations may require the use of a hoist, crane or cherry-picker and in these instances we supply the machinery ourselves. Operators are fully trained and hold relevant licenses for all equipment used.
  • What are lead times like?
    We normally ask for 2 weeks to source, produce and deliver your planting scheme.Some items may take longer to deliver, for example, if they’re especially complex to manufacture, or are from suppliers we don’t often use. We do our best to always meet your required delivery date and strive for the swiftest possible turnaround – most installations are completed in one day.


  • Are plants hard to care for?
    Plants are a bit like people – each one is different and thrives in a different environment. Our planting schemes are chosen specifically based on the type of environment they will be installed into, taking into account factors like ambient temperature, ventilation and amount of sunlight. To ensure your plants continue to look good for many years, we always recommend that you entrust their care to our team of professional horticulturalists.
  • Do you offer regular maintenance?
    Yes. Plant Plan has been caring for customers’ plants since we started in 1977. We have teams of horticultural technicians all over the UK and Ireland who will visit your premises on a regular basis to carry out any ongoing maintenance required to keep your plants healthy.
  • What does your maintenance service involve?
    Our maintenance service means we assume all responsibility for the care of your planting scheme. Our technicians will visit your premises regularly to assess the health of your plants and carry out any tasks required to keep them looking great. This includes watering, feeding, pruning, pest control, top dressing, and general care as well as the replacement of overgrown, dead, or dying plants.
  • Do moss walls require regular maintenance?
    Moss walls are made from preserved moss so they require little to no ongoing maintenance. It’s important that people do no repeatedly touch, lean on or brush against your moss wall as this can cause sections of moss to break away. In the event that this does happen, sections may need to be repaired.
  • Do you use herbicides or pesticides?
    As nature lovers, we try wherever possible to avoid the use of harsh chemicals for weed and pest control. We work on prevention rather than cure and employ a number of natural techniques to keep plants healthy. For weed suppression on exterior grounds, maintenance spraying is kept to a minimum, and only undertaken by trained, licensed technicians.
  • A short note to let you know how delighted I am with the Christmas trees, I am absolutely over the moon. The guys came that came along were just delightful to deal with and have done a sooooooooooooooooooper job.

    Nichola - Prestigious Car Brand - Ryton on Dunsmore

  • We're extremely happy with the plants, they look great!

    Leonie - Administrative Assistant - London

  • It’s been great working with you and I think all the sites look brilliant!

    Lewis - Events Manager - Manchester

How Can We Help?

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