Live Plants

Live plants bring many benefits to indoor environments. As well as being visually appealing, they remove toxins from the air and counteract the drying effects of central heating or air conditioning. Plants also improve the acoustics in open-plan spaces by reducing noise and echoes, resulting in a more tranquil working environment.

  • Rental & Maintenance

    Rental & Maintenance

    When it comes to live planting in your commercial space there is no better option than to have our professional horticulturists visit regularly to care for the plants.  Through our rental & maintenance package we design the perfect scheme for you, supply and install the planting on a rental basis, maintain the planting for you and replace any dead, dying or overgrown plants free of charge!

  • Complete Support

    Complete Support

    Whether you are looking at plants for your office or hospitality space.  Whether it is your own space or you are designing for someone else. Whether you are looking for planting for one site or multiple sites. We can help.

    Get in touch to arrange a face to face or online appointment to discuss your requirements further.

  • Create your own scheme

    Create your own scheme

    Through our new online catalogue you can create your own outdoor planting scheme.  This is perfect if you are looking to buy and maintain the planting at your commercial space. 

    We hope you enjoy creating your own planting scheme but are always here to help.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Connection with nature

Human beings have a subconscious connection with nature that is increasingly being recognised in modern office and interior design. Studies show that maintaining this biophilic connection can reduce stress and increase feelings of wellbeing – and relaxed, happy humans are also focused, productive humans!

Why Plants

Commercial Planting Services

Since 1977 Plant Plan have been bringing the outside inside, using plants, trees and green walls to infuse office, retail, hospitality and corporate environments with the inspiring beauty of nature.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

The quality of our indoor plants is second to none and we take great care to ensure you get the best plants.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

We supply the full range of outdoor plants but our speciality is Mediterranean type plants such as Olive Trees and Palms.

Did you know?


Introducing plants to the work environment can reduce tension and anxiety by 37%.


One study showed a 15% jump in employee productivity following the introduction of plants into the work environment.


Employees working in an environment where there are plants reported up to 38% less fatigue than before the plants were introduced


Interior planting can reduce short term absenteeism due to headaches, coughs, colds and fatigue by 10%.

Exceptional planting, exceptional service.

Plant Plan blurs the boundaries between indoors and out,infusing corporate, hospitality and retail environments with the inspiring beauty of nature. We work all over the UK and Ireland so there’s no geographic limitation on where you’re based. Our maintenance teams are located nationwide so we can always get to you quickly and easily.

And if you have multiple sites, we offer one point of contact,one supplier and one less thing for you to worry about.

Last but not least, we go out of our way to exceed your expectations. We want you to find that dealing with Plant Plan isn’t just effortless, it’s a pleasure – satisfaction is our guarantee.

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