Replica Plants

For a low-maintenance installation, or where conditions are not suited to live plants, you may prefer to choose replica plants for your office space. Replica plants mimic many of the attributes of living plants, and are great for difficult to maintain areas such as meeting rooms and high level installations.

  • Comprehensive Selection

    Comprehensive Selection

    We have a huge selection of replica plants covering the whole spectrum from small plants to trees at 6.5m tall.

    In addition, we supply UV resistant plants which can be used outdoors and Fire Retardant plants for locations where this is required.

    A selection of the plants are viewable in our online catalogue but we have many other plants available.

  • Bespoke


    Our in-house team are experts in the fulfilment of your vision. 

    We build bespoke trees to fit the exact location they are going in.  We produce replica green walls that fit your design.

    Replica planting is incredibly flexible and, if you can imagine it, we can create it

  • Create your own scheme

    Create your own scheme

    Through our new online catalogue you can pick from our off the shelf items and create your own planting scheme.  This is perfect if you are looking to buy the planting outright and install yourselves in your commercial space. 

    We hope you enjoy creating your own planting scheme but are always here to help.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Replica Planting

The realism of replica plants has never been better and many are very close in appearance to the real thing! Most of our trees pair natural trunks with replica foliage to increase the realism. This means they are perfect for spaces where live plants just won’t work, for example where there is little light or the temperatures are too extreme for indoor live plants to survive. Therefore whilst we fully recognise that there is nothing like a live plant, we are also firm believers that replica planting has its place!

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Commercial Planting Services

Since 1977 Plant Plan have been bringing the outside inside, using plants, trees and green walls to infuse office, retail, hospitality and corporate environments with the inspiring beauty of nature.

UV Resistant Plants

UV Resistant Plants

If using Replica Plants outside then you can use plants from our UV Resistant Planting range. To ensure longevity some will need to be kept under cover but we have other options can be placed in more exposed locations.

Inherently Flame Retardant Plants

Inherently Flame Retardant Plants

For locations where replica plants are to be used but there is a requirement for certified fire resistant plants then choose from our range of Inherently Flame Retardant plants.

Benefits of replica planting

Easy care.  No watering or feeding required.  Just a regular dust like any other surface in your space.

Replica plants are better for your health than no plants and will still help reduce stress, increase productivity and promote wellbeing

Replica plants can be positioned in many locations where live plants cant.  For example a dark room or a room that suffers from temperature extremes.

Replica plants are extremely flexible and can be used to create even the most extreme planting designs.  Speak to us for learn more.








Possibly the most flexible planting type

As interior design has embraced the power of plants both from the wellbeing side, but also for the visual impact they provide, so have the boundaries of what was thought possible with plants been smashed through. Live plants can be used in almost every way but some of the more radical ideas are best achieved using replica planting.
Like Live Planting, Replica Planting has its own set of unique advantages. Virtually any foliage or plant variety can be used for virtually any space or location. So there are no constraints on what you wish to achieve and we can use any combination of foliage, flowers, branches and colours.And it can still look natural and realistic through a combination of real trunks and branches and the artistic expertise of our dedicated and skilful team.
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