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Our expert consultants will assess your space and work with you to develop a design that enhances your environment, using plant varieties and types that will thrive in your space.

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Office Planting Schemes

Want a cheaper alternative to fresh flower arrangements for your reception? Our vibrant, colourful live Orchid displays are a cost-effective and beautiful way to bring flowers into your spaces.

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If you’d like to meet up with one of our designers to get an office planting proposal that perfectly meets your needs then get in touch to arrange an appointment!

Office Plants Maintenance

Our team of experienced plant experts will regularly visit your workplace to care for your office plants and carry out all required maintenance and changes needed to keep them looking great.

Plants are amazing. Studies show that having plants in your workplace can reduce stress, cut absenteeism and increase productivity for a healthier, happier workforce.

Plant Plan harnesses the power of nature to boost human performance and wellbeing across a range of office environments. Our extensive portfolio of commercial and business projects showcases how planting can create energised work environments with a real connection to the outside world.
From small succulent plants to huge 6-metre trees, we’ll help enrich your office environment with inspiring colour and texture. We recognise that no two workplaces are the same, and we take a bespoke approach to each individual project. Plant Plan will develop a planting scheme that is tailored to the layout and look of your interior, the function of each individual space, your maintenance preferences, and your available budget.

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Commercial Planting Services

Plant Plan provides a complete service for businesses wishing to incorporate planting into their environment. We design, supply and install all elements including planters, cabinet top troughs, moss panels, green walls, built in liners, and large feature trees, and can work with other contractors to incorporate lighting, signage and more.

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  • Request a Survey
    Not sure how planting could work in your office or building? Request a survey and we’ll visit your location to assess its suitability and outline the possibilities for planting within your office space.We can also work from site plans if required and welcome the opportunity to develop planting designs as part of new build and refurbishment projects.Email [email protected] to arrange a site survey today.
  • Installation
    Plant Plan offers a complete installation service delivered by experienced technicians and horticultural experts for a seamless outcome, even on complex projects.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    Regular maintenance keeps your planting scheme looking fantastic year after year. We offer a complete maintenance service including watering, nutrition, pruning, feeding and removal/replacement of any failed plants. Our maintenance service is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

What are the benefits of plants for the office?

What are the best plants for your desk?

When thinking of ways to brighten up your desk space, we often reach for any old potted plant to just add some much-needed colour to our work area.

But, if you carefully consider the types of office plants available, you could actually be helping to improve your productivity, mental wellbeing and the quality of the air you breathe in.

The Jade Plant, or Crassula Ovate as it is technically referred to, is a great addition to an office plant collection.

Remembering to water or maintain a plant won’t be on the top of your to-do list. So choosing a plant that needs very little maintenance or watering is key, and the Jade Plant is one of them.

It’s very durable, and can withstand harsh office lighting, so will be very happy simply placed on your windowsill or desk, and of course, it’s thick, shiny leaves will bring some colour to your workspace.

Our other go-to office plants are the Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Aglaonema Maria and the Devil’s Ivy.

These plants are on the top of our list for the office as, just like the Jade Plant, they are very durable, and need very little upkeep to ensure they last over the weekend, and in harshly lit workspaces.

Why are plants good for the office?

You may think office plants are just an effective way of adding greenery to a commercial space. 

But, they have, in fact, got many more uses than simply adding some colour to your desk. From purifying the air, to balancing the temperature of your office space, we believe plants should be given a lot more credit for what they can bring to a workplace.

We all know how offices can be a breeding ground for illnesses.

And with offices separated from any outdoor greenery, people can often experience symptoms such as drowsiness, nausea, headaches and eye and throat irritation. This is also known as Sick Building Syndrome, which affects many people working in office spaces.

As plants are able to clean the air, they are able to remove the build-up of toxins, to ensure that the air is filtered and less likely to cause the spread of illnesses.

Plants are also a welcomed addition to any office looking to improve productivity and wellbeing. It’s believed that workplace productivity can increase by 15% when plants are incorporated into an office space, as the environment becomes brighter, and therefore more inspiring to the workforce.

To discover even more reasons as to how office plants can benefit your workspace, click here.

What Are The Benefits?

Positive Impact On Wellbeing

Enhances The Space

Absorbs Sound

Bring The Outdoors In

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