Restaurant Planting

Our consultants will work with you to implement planting that will visually delight your customers, while fitting in perfectly with your restaurant’s aesthetics or theme.

Live and replica planting

Live and replica planting

Soothe the senses and add value to the visitor experience with live or replica planting uniquely tailored to the style and location of your hotel.

Green walls

Transform vertical surfaces into lush green installations that create a bold impression on guests, enhancing their wellbeing and enjoyment.

Exterior plants

Create a grand entrance with bold exterior planting that softens the built environment and raises your brand profile, while enticing customers in.

Studies show that 87% of UK diners research more than one restaurant online before making a decision about where to eat, and that more than half are influenced by pictures of attractive restaurant interiors.

Eating out is a luxury enjoyed by people seeking to escape the mundanity of everyday life, celebrate an occasion or simply to connect with loved ones. As such, every experience should feel magical from start to finish, motivating the customer to share their experience with others and to keep coming back.
Whether it’s a customer’s first visit or their hundredth, it’s important they get that same feeling of exclusivity every time. Creating exciting, multi-sensory experiences by blending planting into your design scheme takes the overall look and feel of your venue to the next level, where it’s guaranteed to attract the kind of positive feedback that drives future success.

  • Planters


  • Large Plants

    Large Plants

  • Ceiling Plants

    Ceiling Plants

Restaurant services

We offer a complete service for restaurants wishing to incorporate biophilic elements into their venue. This may include barrier planters for on-street seating areas, statement plants for entrances, or bespoke planting including green walls and ceilings for restaurant interiors. Whether you are in the early stages of a refurbishment project or looking to add planting retrospectively to a finished scheme, Plant Plan is perfectly placed to make tailored recommendations for your venue.

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  • Request a Survey

    Not sure how planting could work in your hotel? Request a survey and we’ll visit your location to assess its suitability and outline the possibilities for planting within your available space.

    We can also work from site plans if required and welcome the opportunity to develop planting design as part of new build and refurbishment projects.

  • Installation
    Plant Plan offers a complete installation service delivered by experienced technicians and horticultural experts for a seamless outcome, even on complex projects.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    Regular maintenance keeps your planting scheme looking fantastic year after year. We offer a complete aftercare service including watering, nutrition, pruning, cleaning and removal/replacement of any failed plants. Our maintenance service is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

What Are The Benefits?

Positive Impact On Wellbeing

Enhances The Space

Absorbs Sound

Bring The Outdoors In

How Can We Help?

For more information contact a member of our team, and we will help deliver your project

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