What is EcoCulture®?

The EcoCulture® planting system is becoming increasingly popular in all types of commercial environments. It truly is a better choice for companies who are concerned about building a sustainable future and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

The world's peatlands are a massive part of the ecosystem - holding 550 billion tonnes of carbon - twice as much as all the world's forests! EcoCulture® helps to preserve the peatlands by being a totally peat-free alternative to traditional planting systems.

The Same But Different

Whilst the exact same plants are available in both Ecoculture and Soilculture, all is not as it appears and there are some significant differences between the two

  • Roots


    The root system of EcoCulture plants develops in a different way to Soilculture plants being less branched and having long fine root hair that can extract oxygen and nutrients from water

  • Watering


    The growing medium absorbs water before gradually releasing it to the roots of the plants meaning most plants only need to be watered monthly

  • Slower Growing

    Slower Growing

    The plants tend to be slower growing and keep that new plant look for longer.  This means that they are also stronger and have a longer lifespan


EcoCulture® is totally soil-free, which means that there is no reliance on natural peatlands. Peat is commonly found in potting compost due to its fantastic water retention and nutritional qualities. However, the planets peatlands absorb twice as much carbon from the air as forests, provide flood management, and are a habitat for thousands of animals. If these natural wetlands are further exploited we could face serious issues. EcoCulture® is one way we can act to help reduce the damage to this vital part of our ecosystem.


Another benefit to our EcoCulture® system is that there is no scope for soil-borne pests to be hosted by the plant. This means that common office plant pest issues, such as tiny flies (fungus gnats), are eliminated. By removing the organic material that pests rely on they are far less likely to occur.


Because the medium used is LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) clay pellets, it is 100% reusable, meaning that there is no waste when a system is dismantled. LECA is an innert material, so it can simply be washed down with water and stored ready for the next use. While compost can sometimes be recycled, EcoCulture® provides a far quicker, easier, and more sustainable option.

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    Leonie - Administrative Assistant - London

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