Our Sustainability Journey


We recycle as much as we can, from cardboard to planters, and even the growing mediums we use! We recognise that reusing and recycling as many waste streams as possible is a great initiative, both for now and the future.


We’re ISO14001 accredited, which means we’re continuously taking steps to improve our environmental performance. As a company, we’re committed to upholding the ISO standard and fulfilling our environmental obligations.


Over years we’ve invested time and resource into transitioning to our EcoCulture® soil-free planting system. This system uses recyclable materials and helps protect valuable peatland environments from further exploitation and harm.

Sustainable sourcing

We take our impact on the environment seriously, and are constantly seeking to minimise it in every area. A key part of our drive to become more sustainable is in the products we source. We've formed long-term relationships with suppliers that we trust, and through them can offer a wide range of products that are harvested or created in a manner that minimises their environmental impact.

Additionally we're on a mission to become a peat-free horticultural organisation. By eliminating this traditional growing medium from our product range through the use of our clever EcoCulture system and the use of peat-free composts we can help preserve valuable natural habitats and carbon sinks from exploitation and damage.

At Plant Plan, we continually look at our sustainability programme, to refine and improve it wherever we can. We take suggestions from across the board, and actively encourage staff to submit feedback on how we can become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We’ve got a number of key developments underway or in the wings. One of our biggest projects currently underway is our drive to reduce our impact due to transport use. Key parts of this drive include starting to move over to an hybrid and full electric vehicle fleet to reduce emissions and setting up regional hubs to again reduce travel. We're also investing heavily in our buildings, including installing solar panels and electric vehicle chargers.
Other innovations include the installation of a rainwater harvesting system for filling up the van water tanks to help reduce reliance on treated water, sourcing products locally wherever possible to reduce product miles, and upgraded LED lighting in the building, including full spectrum lighting in the plant storage area. This reduces energy consumption and heat build-up, two key factors for creating a more eco-friendly property portfolio.

Sustainability Programme

  • Rain Water Collection

    Rain Water Collection

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

  • Solar Power

    Solar Power

  • Peat-Free Planting

    Peat-Free Planting

It's about doing the right thing.

Since Plant Plan was started in 1977 we’ve strived to do the best possible for our customers and our staff. But it goes much further than that. We also recognised that we have to do the best for the environment in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. Our team are a key part of this mission, and we couldn’t do it without them! To find out more about who we are, click below.

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