Green Walls

With their extensive benefits, green walls provide the built environment with a powerful design statement, making the most of any space

Living Green Walls

Maximise your workspace, in style and substance, with a beautiful living green wall to enhance both the appearance and health of your space, whether indoors or out

Artificial Green Walls

Every bit as beautiful as live plants, but without the maintenance commitments, artificial green walls are simple to install in both internal and external settings

Preserved Green Walls

The most recent addition to the green wall portfolio is Preserved Plant and Moss Green Walls. These are perhaps the most versatile and popular Green Walls for indoor use

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Green Walls

Simply adding a green wall to your office space can transform your workplace in more ways than one.

From purifying the air to regulating room temperature, and even acting as an effective sound barrier in a busy office space, green walls are not just a striking interior design feature.

In fact, green walls can even improve the mental health of your workforce, boosting your employee’s productivity, making them so much more than just an eye-catching asset to your workspace.

Today, modern offices are built to maximise on space, producing cold, open plan areas that offer little inspiration or creativity.  Without colour, vibrancy and light, any workforce operating in a dull office space will be quick to feel the effects of an uninspiring work environment.  And this is where green walls can have their moment.

Whole office refits can be costly, time-consuming and ultimately only have a short-term uplift in improving staff morale.

But the introduction of a green wall in a space is a simple, positive and cost-effective upgrade to any office, helping to promote physical and emotional wellbeing for your staff.

From lush ferns to grasses and moss, at Plant Plan, we have a range of green solutions that are suitable for any indoor or outdoor location, giving businesses the chance to add a whole new interior design dimension to any workspace.

Green walls are designed to make a statement.

They have the energy to bring life back to even the most cold, utilitarian buildings, which make up many of the office spaces across the country today.

Whether indoors or out, or if you decide on live or replica plants, green walls can provide a vital biophilic connection that can make an undeniable impact on a variety of different parts of your business.



More Productive

What Are The Benefits?

Positive Impact On Wellbeing

Enhances The Space

Absorbs Sound

Bring The Outdoors In

How to care for a Living Green Wall

There’s no doubt that living walls create a stunning feature across a space, but they do require a small amount of upkeep to ensure they stay looking their best. At Plant Plan, our living walls are installed using specially-designed panels on a framework attached to the building. The system automatically delivers all the necessary water and nutrients to keep the plants healthy and luscious. Regular maintenance by our expert technicians ensures the system is functioning correctly and keeps the living wall looking its best.

Replica Green Walls

For businesses who are looking for less upkeep, but the same impact as live green walls, replica green walls are the perfect solution. A great option for outdoor spaces, replica green walls are a lot easier to maintain than live plants. They offer the same aesthetic benefits as real plants, just with less of the hassle associated with the upkeep of real foliage. At Plant Plan, we have created a variety of replica green walls for our clients, working closely with them to offer a faux plant solution that will work for the needs of their business. Our replica plants mimic the colours, textures, and growth patterns of real plants, providing striking, realistic installations with all the wow factor and much less commitment. Our horticultural experts will visit the site to install your faux green wall, and if placed outside, this will be treated with a UV stabiliser to ensure durability against the elements.

Preserved Green Walls

Where your requirement is indoors, the location is unsuitable for living plants and if you don’t like the idea of replica planting, then our Preserved Green Walls are for you. All of our Preserved Walls use Preserved Moss as their core material and this is extremely flexible and can be created in almost any size, shape or pattern. The range comprises of a number of different mosses, most of which are available in different colour variations. Therefore we can create natural looking mixed walls evoking a far off landscape, or can create distinct forms that combine nature with contemporary design. In addition to this, where you wish to closer replicate a Living Green Wall or require more relief to your Green Wall, we add Preserved Planting in a variety of colours.

Popular Products

Green Wall Panels

Green wall panels are a versatile and innovative approach to creating vertical gardens, offering distinct advantages and unique characteristics compared to traditional living walls. 

How are Green Wall Panels Different?

Green wall panels are modular systems designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of vertical gardens. Unlike traditional living walls, where plants grow directly in a substrate, green wall panels are made up of pre-planted pockets or containers. These panels are typically made of materials like plastic, metal, or fabric and are designed to accommodate a variety of plant species.

Benefits of Green Wall Panels


Ease of Installation

Maintenance Efficiency


Space Efficiency

What's the difference between a Plant wall, Living Wall, and Green Wall?

Plant Wall: A plant wall is a broad term used to describe any vertical surface that is covered with plants. It can encompass both living and artificial plants. Plant walls are often used for decorative or aesthetic purposes and can vary in size and complexity.

Living Wall: A living wall, also known as a green wall, is a specific type of plant wall that features live plants growing vertically on a structure. These plants are typically rooted in a growing medium and receive irrigation and nutrients to thrive. Living walls are designed to be sustainable and provide environmental benefits, such as improved air quality and insulation.

Green Wall: The term "green wall" is often used interchangeably with "living wall." Both refer to vertical installations of live plants. However, some may use "green wall" to emphasise the ecological benefits and sustainability aspect of the installation.

Do all Plant Walls have to be Green?

No, not all plant walls have to be green. While many plant walls feature green plants, the term "plant wall" can refer to any arrangement of plants on a vertical surface, and these plants can come in various colours. Some plant walls may incorporate a wide range of plant species, including those with colourful foliage or flowers, to create a visually diverse and appealing display. The choice of plant colours depends on the design goals and preferences of the creator.

Do Green Plant Walls have to be real?

Generally, green plant walls, or living walls, are designed to feature real, live plants. The primary purpose of these installations is to introduce natural elements into indoor or outdoor spaces, improve air quality, and contribute to sustainability efforts. Live plants in green walls require proper care, irrigation, and maintenance to thrive.

However, some artificial or fake plant walls exist for various reasons, including practicality, maintenance considerations, or design preferences. These artificial plant walls can mimic the appearance of real plants without the need for ongoing care. While they don't provide the same environmental benefits as live green walls, they can still serve as decorative elements in spaces where maintaining live plants is challenging or not practical.

Can living walls be installed indoors and outdoors?

Yes, living walls can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The choice of location depends on factors such as the design goals, available space, environmental conditions, and the specific benefits you want to achieve. Indoor living walls are commonly found in offices, hotels, and homes, while outdoor living walls can be seen on the exteriors of buildings, in public spaces, and as part of landscaping projects.

Do green walls require a lot of water for maintenance?

The water requirements for green walls can vary depending on factors such as the plant species used, the climate, and the wall's design. While living walls do require regular irrigation to keep the plants healthy, modern systems are designed to be efficient. Many green walls use automated irrigation systems that are optimised to provide the right amount of water, minimising waste. Properly designed and maintained green walls can be water-efficient.

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