Design & Fitout

Design & Fitout

We collaborate with Interior Designers and Architects to literally bring the built environment to life, both indoors and out. Our horticulture expertise helps customers find innovative solutions to make their green concepts an effective reality!


We have been working with Designers & Architects for decades, taking their concepts and turning them into realities. All backed up by extensive horticultural knowhow. This means we deliver a long term solution, not one that works only for the short term.


Whether you’re looking for Living Walls or Moss Walls, Live Planting or Replica Planting, planting to go on the floor, walls or ceiling, or even if there is no proper description for what you have in mind – we can help. We are planting experts with the skill set to meet your every requirement!

Biophilia Support

Humans have a subconscious connection with nature that is increasingly recognised in office and interior design. Studies show that maintaining this biophilic connection reduces stress and improves wellbeing & productivity. We’re passionate about the impact of natural elements within the built environment, and supporting designers achieve this.

Plants are a powerful element of interior design with enormous visual impact. They can define an open plan space, provide sound insulation, and soften corporate environments that might otherwise look a bit ‘soulless’.

As a professional, you need a partner you can trust, that supports your creative vision with their practical knowledge and hands-on expertise, to bring nature and design together with perfect synergy. Plant Plan collaborates with designers and other professionals to create intuitive biophilic elements for all kinds of environments.

Our expert consultants will assess your space to develop a design that enhances your it, using plant varieties and types that will thrive in your environment. Whether it’s working from drawings for a new site, or developing a retrospective planting scheme, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Here to support

Plant Plan offers a full maintenance service carried out by specialist, uniformed technicians who take care of regular watering, feeding, cleaning, pruning, and pest control. Our plant replacement policy means that any dead, dying or overgrown plants will be replaced immediately, free of charge. Your account manager will ensure you have the best possible experience and you can keep up with the latest detail across your sites via our customer portal.

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Pot & Plant Range

Pot & Plant Range

We have a huge range, some of which can be seen by visiting our shop. However, we supply many other pots and plants and will have what you need for your project. We often work with designers and architects to create bespoke pots in a large number of different materials and colours. In fact we can match virtually any colour you choose.

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