Plant Plan Acquire London Plant Company

Plant Plan Acquire London Plant Company

Plant Plan acquire London Plant Company as we continue our drive to grow, develop, and strengthen our ability to offer excellent service, competitive pricing, and excellent planting design to all of our valued clients.

Synergies and Opportunities

London Plant Company were identified as being a great fit for Plant Plan at an early stage in the process, with synergies across the board on our values, our appreciation and value placed on great customer service and building long term relationships, and our family ownership and commitment to the business.  This meant that London Plant Company will easily slot into the Plant Plan portfolio, and we very much look forward to working with these new customers going forward.

Plant Plan have a wide-reaching product and service offering, enabling us to deliver outstanding value and service to our valued clients.  As a nationwide office planting company that services plants the length and breadth of the UK we are also able to provide excellent access to highly trained service technicians, a passionate customer care team, and key information for all of our clients.

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If you're one of the many customers transferring over to Plant Plan as part of this acquisition and you have a question please get in touch!  Our friendly team are always available and you can get hold of us using the following methods:

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Plant Plan are a long established interior planting company who specialise in service contract-based planting schemes for offices, hotels and restaurants.  We're a 2nd generation family owned and run company that has been established since 1977.

To find out more about our values and what we believe in see our About page and our Who We Are page.

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