Living Walls

Harness the potential of vertical space with a beautiful living wall that enhances both the appearance and health of your space, whether indoors or outside.

Replica Walls

Every bit as beautiful as live plants but without the maintenance commitments, replica green walls are simple to install in both internal and external settings.

Green Ceilings

Make a statement with a green ceiling, using replica plants suspended overhead to evoke a powerful connection with nature.

Statement Planting

Green walls exploit the vertical square footage within the built environment, creating swathes of green space proven to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. From lush ferns to grasses and moss, these vertical gardens are suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.
Making a powerful statement in concrete jungles all over the UK, green walls have the power to soften and camouflage even the most utilitarian buildings. Whether indoors or out, and using live or replica plants, they provide a vital biophilic connection that can powerfully impact on business outcomes.

Living walls are installed using specially-designed panels on a framework attached to the building, and offer immediate visual impact. The system automatically delivers all the necessary water and nutrients to keep plants healthy. Regular maintenance ensures the system is functioning correctly, and includes all routine care required to keep the wall looking smart.

For clients seeking the aesthetic of a living wall without the aftercare requirements, replica green walls offer an ideal solution. Our horticultural experts are adept at creating panels of faux plants that mimic the colours, textures and growth patterns of the real thing, creating realistic-looking installations with all of the wow factor and none of the commitment. Replica plants used outdoors are treated with UV stabiliser to ensure durability against the elements.

Green Ceilings

Suspended overhead using a flexible trellis system and replica plants, green ceilings give the feeling of being enveloped in nature, and are hugely popular with restaurant clients seeking to offer patrons a unique experience. Plant Plan will help you select the appropriate plant types for a look that fits with the aesthetic of your venue and ensures you make an unforgettable impression.

Both living and replica walls offer fantastic versatility in terms of colour, pattern, shape and even scent. Plant Plan offers a complete design service including practical and aesthetic guidance to help clients choose a planting scheme that will not only thrive in their location, but also achieve their preferred look and feel.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep living walls looking their best. Our comprehensive aftercare service covers all of the UK and Ireland, and includes watering, nutrition, pruning, feeding and removal/replacement of any failed plants.

Love the idea of a green wall but not sure where to start? A member of our experienced team would be delighted to visit your premises, look at some potential locations and advise on the best system for your requirements. We are always delighted to get involved early on in a construction or renovation project, and can work off plans and drawings if required.

For more information contact a member of our team, and we will help deliver your project