Orchid Displays

Hiring your Orchid arrangements makes good sense, both financially and operationally. We provide great value flowering Orchid displays that help you save both money and time.

Beautiful Orchid Displays

Orchid Displays – Cost-Effective Flowers

Want a cheaper alternative to fresh flower arrangements for your reception? Our vibrant, colourful live Orchid displays are a cost-effective and beautiful way to bring flowers into your spaces.

A Complete Service

By renting your Orchids you an ensure they’re always looking their best. As part of our services we will maintain the displays, including frequently swopping the Orchids over so they always look fresh and colourful.

Do It Your Way

Our team work with you to make hiring your Orchid displays easy. We can deliver and maintain at a time that suits you, use flowers and vases that match your office, and have options at different price points to match your budget.

Orchid Arrangements for Offices, Receptions, and Hotels

Plant Plan work with a wide range of clients, from blue chip organisations to 5* hotels to some of the nations favourite restaurants. We take great pride in our combination of creative flair, industry knowledge and expertise, and great customer service. For us, it’s more than just a job, and we share this passion for perfection with you.
We have years of experience creating exceptional flowering displays. Our designers and florists will work with you to create a brief that will enhance your space while meeting your budget. What’s more, if you need something different, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

  • Receptions


  • Offices


  • Hotels


Saving Your Money

Fresh flowers look fantastic, but they don’t last. While occupancy and use of your space is down, do you really want to be spending so much on flowers for your reception? Renting Orchid displays is a clever, cost-effective option. They last longer while looking just as good, so they cost a lot less without losing any of the visual impact!

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  • Can we rent an Orchid display?
    Yes you can – whether its a short term hire for an event or a longer arrangement to supply orchid displays for your office or hotel reception, we specialise in the rental and care of plant and flower displays.Intrigued about what we do? Read more about who we are here.
  • What colour Orchids can I get?
    Orchids come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. However the most popular colours are White, Purple, Pink, and Yellow. There’s scope with the vase or planter too if you have a specific colourscheme in mind – speak to our design team to find out more.
  • What delivery service do you provide?
    We do our best to work around your needs. Whether you need them delivering at a certain time to a certain place for an event, or if you’d like our maintenance team in and out before you open it’s all do-able. We’re flexible, and will do everything we can to make it work for you.

What Are The Benefits?

Positive Impact On Wellbeing

Enhances The Space

Absorbs Sound

Bring The Outdoors In

Let's Be Best Buds

For more information contact a member of our team, and we will help deliver your project

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