Mos and Chanel Royal Ascot collaboration

Chanel's Luxury Marquees at Royal Ascot Racecourse

Project Overview

Client: Chanel
Collaborator: Mos.London
Event: Royal Ascot Racecourse
Dates: Tuesday, June 20 and Saturday, June 24 2023


Royal Ascot Racecourse, one of the UK's most prestigious horse racing venues, attracts over 300,000 visitors during its annual events. In 2023, Chanel, the renowned luxury fashion brand, collaborated with Mos.London and Plant Plan to create a unique and lavish marquee experience right on the finish line. Chanel's goal was to create a memorable and immersive experience for their clients and guests at Royal Ascot.


Chanel and Mos.London approached the Plant Plan team to bring their vision to life. The mission was clear: design, install, and transform a prime location into a Chanel-branded luxury marquee within a single day, ensuring everything was perfect for the Royal Ascot events.


Limited Time: With only one day to set up the marquee and décor, time was of the essence. Any delay could jeopardize the project's success.
Logistics: Coordinating logistics for an event of this magnitude was challenging. Ensuring all materials, plants, and equipment were on-site and ready for installation.
Last-Minute Compost Needs: Unexpectedly, more compost was required during installation. We found a local supplier with no problem, getting out of the racecourse was the battle.
Sustainability: After the installation, a significant clean-up operation was necessary to recycle plastic and ensure environmental responsibility.


The day of installation began early, with the Plant Plan team departing in three luton vans from their Leicester headquarters at 4 a.m.
The team worked tirelessly, to ensure every detail was executed.

As the day progressed, challenges emerged, as is often the case with large-scale projects. However, the team remained focused and adapted to resolve each unexpected challenge. With just two hours left to complete the job, the need for additional compost arose. A quick Google search led them to a local supplier, but navigating the event's vast scale presented a challenge. Nevertheless, they secured the necessary materials and returned to Royal Ascot to add the finishing touches.

The final task was a massive tidy-up operation to ensure the responsible disposal of plastic waste in the correct recycling bins. Despite the long hours and challenges faced, the team returned to their headquarters in Leicester at 8 p.m., exhausted but satisfied with their work.

Results and Impact

The results of this collaborative effort were nothing short of spectacular. Chanel's luxury marquee, right on the finish line of the Royal Ascot Racecourse, was a visual masterpiece. The final result was showcased on national television, garnering attention and praise from viewers and VIPs.

In conclusion, the Chanel Luxury Marquee project at Royal Ascot Racecourse was a triumph of creativity, collaboration, and determination.
It showcased the ability to turn a vision into reality, even under demanding circumstances, and left an indelible mark on one of the world's most prestigious events.


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