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  1. Green Walls In The Workplace & Their Benefits

    Green Walls In The Workplace & Their Benefits The Benefits of Green Walls in the Workplace Green Walls in the workplace, blending nature and architectural design, are fast becoming a staple in modern office environments. Offering more than just a visual upgrade, these vertical gardens play an important role in promoting workplace well-being and sustainability. Whether it's the lush ... Read more...
  2. Green walls, and where to start?

    Green walls, and where to start? Is a Green wall a good idea?From psychological benefits like less stress and improved productivity to financial benefits like lower heating and cooling costs, moss walls have a lot to offer. The environmental benefits of moss walls are impressive as well. They can improve air quality and help with humidity in your interior. Green walls can be ... Read more...
  3. Paul Smith Case Study

    Paul Smith Case Study Paul SmithProject Overview: In July, as a tribute to the legendary fashion icon Sir Paul Smith's birthday, an innovative and inspiring secret project was conceived by a team of creative minds. The project aimed to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece for Sir Paul Smith, using an unexpected and nature-inspired material: moss. Combining this organic ... Read more...
  4. "A Mossy Masterpiece: Celebrating Sir Paul Smith's Birthday with a Unique Moss Stripe-Inspired Frame"

    In the world of design and fashion, few names shine as brightly as Sir Paul Smith. Known for his innovative and bold approach to clothing, his birthday calls for a celebration that's equally extraordinary. This year, we took inspiration from his iconic stripe pattern and merged it with nature's beauty to create a one-of-a-kind moss stripe-inspired ... Read more...

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