Where to put plants in your space - 3 key areas.

Where to put plants in your space - 3 key areas.

We often get asked many questions by clients about where to put plants in their spaces. So here are 3 tips for selecting the best areas to put plants in the office.


1 - The office

Sounds obvious, but every person should be able to see a plant from wherever they're sitting. Plants around the office space help improve productivity, reduce depression, tension and anxiety, and improve air quality. These qualities make them a necessity in today's workspace, helping to keep the office a space where people can focus, be more productive, and do their best work. Planting can be implemented in many ways, including freestanding planting, cabinet top troughs (Shown below), hanging planting, and green walls.
Where to put plants - the office

2 - The Reception

First impressions always count, and what better way to help portray your business than with a tip-top reception space? Large plants and trees have been proven to depict wealth and prosperity, and when we walk into a reception space with these elements in, it helps to give a far better first impression to customers, suppliers, and new recruits. Reception areas often have good amounts of natural light, which gives scope to large and impressive planting schemes, helping to give the best entrance possible to your business.
Where to put plants - the reception

3 - Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are spaces for employees to relax, to enjoy themselves, and to take a break from the day job. Planting around these spaces helps to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere where people can reset, unwind, and take a break. They can also double as informal meeting spaces, and places to entertain clients and suppliers. Plants such as herbs and fruit trees can also be used in these spaces to create a garden feel, and herbs can be used to help spice up cooking (and cocktails!). Where to put plants - breakout spaces Hopefully, this quick guide has helped you to identify the best areas where to put plants in your space that could use a little greenery. If you need a hand with anything like this, we're always happy to help! Get in touch here!