The Access Group

The Access Group The Access Group is a leading provider of business management software and solutions to mid-sized UK and Asia Pacific organisations. When they brought their staff together into a new HQ on the Loughborough University Campus, they needed an office plant company that would keep their offices green and healthy.

The Brief

Access Group’s new space has outdoor and indoor areas, with a variety of textures and colours around that space. They needed a planting scheme that matched each zone, yet tied the whole scheme together with continued green.

Scope of Project

By switching pot styles and cleverly integrating planting, we managed to have planting suit each individual space, yep create cohesion and a common theme running through the offices. Whether you’re in the tall reception, the main offices, or the outdoor terraces, you’ll see beautiful greenery, boosting the attractiveness of the environment, and helping to bring nature closer.

All of the planters were fitted with our watering system, which helps to keep the plants healthier, keeps the topdressing looking nice, and reduces the chance of pests.