3 proven reasons a planting contract is beneficial to your business.

3 proven reasons a planting contract is beneficial to your business.

A lot of people ask us, 'why is a planting contract a good route to go down?'

Here are 3 reasons why a planting contract is great for your business...

Planting Contract Benefits
  • It helps cash flow

A planting contract means that there's no upfront cost for the planting, meaning that you can enjoy a beautiful planting scheme for minimal outlay, and then we will work with you to make sure your contract is sorted in a way that works best for you.
  • Much less chance of pests/insects

Pests and insects such as fungus knats can be a real pain and one of the downsides to office plants. However, with a maintenance contract, the chances of having these is massively reduced, due to the watering system in the planters and the maintenance. This means your staff can enjoy the company of plants without the small annoying critters that sometimes accompany them.
  • Maintenance with Free Plant Replacement

With a planting contract, you don't need to do a thing. Our highly trained maintenance technicians will regularly pop in to water and maintain the plants, and replace any that aren't thriving. Plus our friendly team is always available on the phone if needs be to sort any issues that you have. Hopefully, this has helped you see why it's definitely worth considering a maintenance contract for your plants. If you need any more information or a quote, get in touch with one of the team and we'll happily help out!