How colour can boost the performance of a team

How colour can boost the performance of a team
It may seem a little abstract, but colours can have an impact on how your team performance!  There's some well-publicised information on how colours can affect people, such as red making people hungry (Anyone for Burger King or Five Guys?), purple being linked to wealth (this goes back to the Romans!), and blue being associated with trust and wisdom.
However, in an office, there are some colours that you really want to include if you're to get the best performance out of your team.  And to make your life easy, we've summarised the data here:
  • Colours with an impact on Motivation - Blue, Green, White.
  • Colours with an impact on Productivity - Blue, Green, Yellow, White.
  • Colours that Inspire your team - Yellow, Green, White.
  • Colours with an impact on Happiness - Green, Blue, Brown, White.
  • Colours that'll make your team more Creative -  Yellow, Green, White.
  • Colours with an impact on Enthusiasm - Green, Blue, White.
Finally, if there's one colour you really want to avoid it's grey!  It's been found that "predominantly grey offices" were uninspiring and associated with lower levels of enthusiasm, creativity, and productivity.  That's really not the effect you want your workspace to have on your team! Plants and planters are one easy way to introduce colour into your office, and if you don't have much budget available, going for a rental package makes even more sense.  Not only do office plants bring in that much-needed splash of green that'll impact your staff's motivation, productivity, happiness and creativity, and performance. You can also get planters in a vast range of colours - in fact, we can custom-finish planters to whatever colour you like so that they tie in perfectly with other elements of colour within your offices' design! If you need any more help on this, get in touch and we'll happily assist.