Come and see us at the Independent Hotel Show

Come and see us at the Independent Hotel Show We're exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show at London Olympia on the 16th and 17th October - come and see us on Stand 286 to meet Bruce and Percy, our two Hospitality sector planting experts! Plants have been proven to have a huge impact on the profitability of hotels and restaurants.  Research by academics has shown that customers perception of a hotel or restaurant goes up when there is planting included in their design, whether this is inside or outside.  It doesn't stop there - customers are also willing to spend more, stay longer, and are more likely to give a positive review when they've been in hotels or restaurants with plants in! This leads us on to Biophila, a hot trend at the moment, that shows no sign of slowing down.  By harnessing the natural affinity that humans have with plants and nature, savvy companies are getting ahead of their competition.  So by using the biophilic response hardwired into humans, you can help your hotel increase it's profits!  Including plants in your hotel or restaurant is a quick, cost effective, and most importantly, flexible way to increase your appeal and profitability!