Browne Jacobson

Browne Jacobson

With a robust presence in London, Exeter, Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham, Browne Jacobson LLP is a comprehensive legal provider serving a diverse range of sectors. These include public, health, insurance, brands, retail, technology, education, financial services, and international markets. As staunch advocates for fairness, diversity, inclusion, and social mobility, Browne Jacobson's commitments are deeply ingrained in its operations. Browne Jacobson's recently acquired premises at 103 Colmore Row needed to reflect this ethos in their physical space, 

Plant Plan were invited by Office Innovations to infuse Browne Jacobson's office with life. The focus was on incorporating artificial planting solutions including green walls and a custom-made replica tree.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a striking 18-square-foot green wall. A tasteful blend of Bun Moss and light and dark green Reindeer moss forms eye-catching patterns, drawing attention to Browne Jacobson's signage at the wall's heart.

In the reception area, two smaller green walls of 3.6 square feet each add to the natural aesthetics. But the real centrepiece is a stunning, life-sized replica Cherry Blossom Tree. Fashioned from a natural trunk, it flaunts pink foliage that spans four meters over the reception table. Dappled light from overhead fixtures enhances the colours, making the tree a visual delight and a conversation starter.

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