Biophilic Design - Here are the stats.

Biophilic Design - Here are the stats. There's a lot of hype about the benefits of Biophilia and it's effect on how interiors should be designed.  Some trends come and go, and no-one is ever quite sure what they were all about and if they actually had any substance.  So we've taken an indepth look at the benefits introducing biophilic design into your spaces can make.  Here's the facts:
  • In offices productivity increases by 8%, well-being shoots up by 13%, and in addition to this absenteeism falls and staff are more engaged when in the office.
  • In an Education environment the results are even more exciting!   Learning rates can rise by 20-25%, test results improve, concentration levels increase, and ADHD effects are reduced.
  • Want to increase sales?  In a retail environment customers have said they are willing to pay 8-12% more for goods and services when in a space with biophilic elements, such as plants.
  • In a healthcare environment the results are spectacular.  Post-operative recovery times can be reduced by 8.5%, and the need for pain-reduction medication can be lowered by 22%.
  • Got a hotel?  Customers are willing to pay 23% more for rooms with a view of biophilic elements!
Need more information?  We'd just say "go green"!  Either way get in touch and we'll be glad to help you introduce biophilic elements into your environment.