Aspect Capital

Aspect Capital

Aspect Capital is a London-based investment manager with offices in Stamford (CT) and Hong Kong. Managing some $7.3bn in systematic investment solutions, the firm employs over 110 people with the majority dedicated to the research-driven evolution of its investment programmes.

The Brief

Operating in a highly corporate world, Aspect’s offices were minimalist in style. The firm wanted to improve the environment both in terms of aesthetics and health, to create a more uplifting space for clients and staff.

Scope of Project

This was a fairly simple yet highly effective project, centred around the creation of custom containers to slot effortlessly into the client’s existing interior scheme. We manufactured and installed custom troughs to perfectly fit the tops of the cabinets in the office, providing space for a rich mixed planting scheme without the loss of any floor space. We also supplied some individual potted plants dotted throughout, for a slightly more informal feel with lots of biophilic benefits. The plants were planted in a soil free EcoCulture® planting system designed to reduce carbon footprint, eliminate soil-borne pests and help the environment by conserving peatlands.