Plants - 7 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About them.

Plants - 7 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About them.

Having plants in your office is a way of improving your business image amongst potential clients. Surveys that have been conducted have confirmed that plants on display have given the perception to clients that a company is trustworthy, welcoming, stable, well-run, patient, caring, comfortable, and prepared to spend money on the 'the little things'.

Plants have also been found as a way of reducing background noise, dependent on the species and the positioning. But in addition to all this, research on plants has also found that plants can

  1. Improve the overall air quality
  2. Reduce the possibility of sick building syndrome (SBS)
  3. Improve an individual’s well-being
  4. Improve productivity and performance of employees
  5. Lower stress levels and negative feelings
  6. Reduce noise
  7. Contribute to fulfilling at least 75% of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Criteria

It’s not rocket science to know that plants are aesthetically pleasing, but they don't just provide beauty and light up a room. They cover a wide spectrum of benefits, ranging from cleaner air to positive effects on psychological health and work performance.


If that isn’t enough reason to have plants in your business environment, we don’t know what will sway you! Click here to visit our website and see our commissions.