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Muehlenbeckia 'Complexa Mao'ri' 18/tray

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W 20cm
H 15cm

These Plants Need...


These plants require a high light level so like to be positioned in a window or in another similarly bright location


The two most common ways to kill plants are over and underwatering. However, our live plant rental service includes comprehensive maintenance across at least 12 visits per annum by highly trained technicians and they will ensure your plants stay healthy and correctly watered!


These plants can be located in a cool space but don’t tolerate frost. If you are using them outside make sure it is a sheltered spot and you cover them with fleece in Winter or bring them indoors.


If you allow your plant to get dirty this will reduce its ability to photosynthesize. Add to your regular cleaning schedule and use a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt.