3 Great Plants for Meeting Rooms

3 Great Plants for Meeting Rooms

Ah, meeting rooms. The space where ideas are created and dreams are shattered. Where wins are celebrated and losses questioned. Whether big or small, meetings are essential for the efficient running of any company, and the spaces they are held need to be an attractive, neutral environment to allow for the best results possible. One unsung hero of meeting rooms is the plant. Plants have been standing in meeting room corners for decades, witnessing the highs and lows of the discussions, and keeping all the secrets to themselves. So what are some fail-safe plants for meeting rooms that will survive even in the harshest of environments? (And survive the occasional swipe or two?) Here's 3 that we've compiled below:

3 great Plants for Meeting Rooms

1 - The Kentia Palm

Plants for meeting rooms - Kentia

The Kentia palm is a staple of the office environment. Its beautiful fronds have had a place in most offices, and with good reason! It's a sturdy plant, and survives well in the majority of environments.  

2 - Aspidistra

Plants for meeting rooms - Aspidistra The Aspidistra isn't called the 'cast iron plant' for nothing! This plant can take anything that is thrown at it, including mousemats, mugs, and manilla files. Seriously though, it's a great plant and its large leaves will look great in any space.

3 - Dracaena Janet Craig

Plants for meeting rooms - Dracaena Janet Craig Another hardy example, these plants are again hardy and survive well in most spaces. It offers a slightly different aesthetic to the previous examples, which will look great in a variety of spaces and planter types.   We hope that helped! If you're gearing up to get back into your space and need more help with some plants for meeting rooms (and maybe your offices) then click here to give us a shout!