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Office Plants Rental

Want controllable, known costs? Our office plants rental option allows you to fix your monthly costs, make changes to your office planting scheme, and also includes our full plant care and replacement programme meaning there’s no hidden expenses! If you’re looking for a simple solution that guarantees high quality planting then this is it.


Our experienced, highly trained plant maintenance technicians routinely visit your offices to look after your plants and carry out any required maintenance and changes needed to keep them looking great.  Our maintenance service includes watering, seasonal feeding, pruning, pest control, and FOC replacement of any plants that no longer look their best.

Planting with a Difference

Office planting design isn’t just plants in pots!  There’s a whole range of amazing planting options, from moss walls to cabinet top troughs to huge feature trees to hanging succulents!  Our team of designers will work with you to create schemes that match your budget, your expectations, and your look!

Nature by Design

Choosing the right plants and putting them in the place they'll look best is a job that needs some specialist knowledge. Our design team and surveyors will work with you and share their expertise so that the office plants you get are the best ones for you. Every workplace is different, and we treat each one individually. It's all part of the service, and is summed up in our strapline - Nature by Design.

Having office plants isn't just about looking good. They've also been proven to boost productivity, reduce staff turnover, make your team more creative, and improve wellbeing within the workplace!

Planting does far more than add visual appeal into a workplace. Studies have shown that including office plants in your space can have far-reaching benefits for your teams health too! With an increased focus on wellness within the work environment and the wide range of issues this encompasses, from mental health to better quality sleep at night, it’s fascinating to understand how plants can help impact this.
One of the better known trends is that of Biophilia. Describing our connection to nature, planting is a huge part of this. And the benefits are massive. Did you know that plants have been shown to boost productivity by 15%? Had you heard that absenteeism could be reduced by 10%, that anxiety and tension could be reduced by 37%? Want to know more? Read our whitepaper on Biophilia.

More than just plants...

We provide more than just plants. We see it as a turnkey green solution. Our skill-set embraces a wide range of products. We provide living walls, mobile green walls, moss panels, moss logos and signage, high level planting, hanging planting and pots, ceiling rafts, floristry, cabinet top troughs, screens, divider troughs, and exterior planting. But don’t limit us! If you’ve got an idea that needs creating let us know and we’ll find a way to achieve it.

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  • Request a Survey

    Not sure how planting could work in your office or building? Request a survey and we’ll visit your location to assess its suitability and outline the possibilities for planting within your available space.

    We can also work from site plans if required and welcome the opportunity to develop planting designs as part of new build and refurbishment projects.

  • Installation

    Plant Plan offers a complete installation service delivered by experienced technicians and horticultural experts for a seamless outcome, even on complex projects.  We’ll work around you, and will turn round project as fast as required in order to meet your timescales and expectations.

  • Ongoing Maintenance
    Regular maintenance keeps your planting scheme looking fantastic year after year. Our Office Plants London maintenance team, based in our site in Harlesden, provide an outstanding level of service, and will keep your planting at its best. From routine watering, feeding, cleaning, and pruning through to replacement of dead or dying plants, they’ll be there for you.
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Making your clients feel at home

Making your clients feel at home

At a time when your biggest competition for office space is the home, it is important to blur the edges between home and the office. Using plants and flowers is a great way to do this and we advocate multi-faceted planting schemes that make people desire to be in and work from your space.

Why Plants

Let's Be Best Buds

Since 1977 Plant Plan have been bringing the outside inside, using plants, trees and green walls to infuse office, retail, hospitality and corporate environments with the inspiring beauty of nature.