Plant Plan is 45!

Plant Plan is 45!

45 Years of PlantPlan!

We’re Celebrating 45 Years

Since 1977, Plant Plan has been bringing plant life to human spaces in and out of the UK. Our passion for infusing life and wonder into retail, hospitality, and corporate environments has helped us to move forward through the years.

We started from humble beginnings. After graduating college, our founder, Tim Dallow, started this business in his dad’s garage and then progressed to a small greenhouse in a garden. Looking back now with premises in both London and Leicester and a mighty and committed team to boot, the growth is surreal.

Growth is the staple of Plant Plan, as seen through the life of our managing director, Craig Dallow. Starting in the warehouse and doing installations all over the UK, Craig worked his way up through the company, building connections with our team along the way. His journey has been exciting and challenging and he hopes to continue this momentum with Plant Plan’s new plans!

Challenges We’ve Overcome

As a business affected by global issues, we know firsthand the obstacles that come in the way of progress. Under the effects of the pandemic and two recessions, we’ve gone through these groundbreaking events and come out the other side. Current issues include inflation, the cost of living crisis, and supply chain problems, but these become easier to handle when we have a team to support each other and the people we serve. There are always difficulties in growing a business, and the challenges help us to get better and stronger.

At Plant Plan, we work hard to create a financially viable and sustainable business model that can last through various economic waves and social upheavals. We’ve known from experience that when you continue to adapt, evolve, and do good work, good things come back in return.

On the Bright Side of Plant Plan

There are a few secrets to Plant Plan’s longevity and success with our customers. Because we’ve been 45 years in business, we figure now is a good time to share those secrets. But you’ll notice that all these qualities are vital in all areas of life. At Plant Plan, we lead with the best possible service, commit to deadlines, have integrity with our word, and look after our customers as we’d want to be looked after. Commercial plants are meant to uplift and bring joy, and we intend to do the same.

Things will sometimes go wrong–it’s the nature of living and of business, but it’s how we respond that we find has the greatest impact. It’s fulfilling to solve a problem for our customers, see the smile on their faces, and then perfect our business model in return. Issues are really just learning curves and opportunities for growth on all ends. We respond quickly to concerns and value our customer relationships.

Aside from having a great product and dependable customer service, a strong, reliable team is essential to our success. We learn to let go of the need to do everything ourselves and lean on each other for help and support. No one person has to do everything alone. Our vision and values are what keep us going.

 The Future of Plant Plan

Tim Dallow’s sons will carry on the business of Plant Plan, installing commercial plants and office plants in London and beyond. With our sustainability mission and providing a healthier planet starting with your own backyard, Plant Plan will continue to grow, serving great customers and providing a quality bespoke service.


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