Alpha FX

Alpha FX

Alpha FX is a London-based foreign exchange specialist working internationally for businesses and institutions impacted by currency volatility. As part of a stunning fit-out of their stylish Paddington offices, Alpha FX commissioned Plant Plan to enhance their environment using biophilia and carefully replicate the trees from the original designer’s CGI.

The Brief

The objective of the plant installation: Use biophilia in the office to enhance the working environment for the staff. Very particular care was taken to exactly replicate the trees from the original CGI.

Scope of Project

We used a mix of live underplanting and replica trees to achieve the desired look whilst keeping costs down – this meant that staff and visitors see the live foliage and natural stem of the trees and assume that the foliage is also live. Planting schemes were designed for individual offices, shared spaces and breakout areas, including the statement central bar area.