Design and Installation of Green Walls

Reimagine Your Space With Green Walls!

Want to transform your space? Need a way to wow your team and customers? Our team can help you achieve this using Green Walls to accomplish this both quickly and easily!.

Want To Know What's Possible?

  • Brand It!

    Brand It!

    Shout out about who you are! We offer a branding service for Green Walls, including fitting illuminate and non-illuminated logos, neon signs, and even creating patterns and logos with foliage!

  • Fire-Rated & UV-Safe

    Fire-Rated & UV-Safe

    We recognize that some sites have specific demands. Whether it's a outdoor area and it needs to be UV-safe planting, or it's a green wall in a stairwell that needs to be Fire Rated, we've got it covered.

  • Bespoke Shapes & Sizes

    Bespoke Shapes & Sizes

    We don't just produce square panels - every wall is made to order. So whether it's curves, cut-outs, large or small, unusual shapes or very simple, we can make it and our professional fitters can install it.

Want To Know More?

There's more to Green Walls than just greenery! Read on for more detail.

Prefer to speak to someone - give us a call on 0800 279 3120, or want to email over drawings and project info - we're here at

Biophilic Design - The Benefits

Biophilic Design within the built environment is only just starting to make it’s way to the forefront, although academics have been studying it for decades. The gist is simple – human beings are happier and healthier in spaces that reflect the natural environment.

It encompasses natural light, use of natural materials, and of course, planting. It doesn’t have to be alive to help us feel better – just the sight of greenery can help humans feel healthier both physically and mentally, and perform better in their roles! That’s why Green Walls should be a key part of your wellbeing strategy.

Building Brands

Whether it’s helping build your teams pride in the company they’re part of, or helping to reinforce your image in consumers minds, brand awareness is massively important to most companies. We’re in an age where ‘plain vanilla’ is no longer acceptable, so increasingly we’re working with companies to use Green Walls as a creative and visually stunning way of promoting their brand.

We’ve got the skills and creativity to make this work. Want to include your logo? No problem. Company values? Consider it done. Give us a challenge – we love it!

Generating Value

In this Insta-world we live in Green Walls can be a great way to generate increased profitability for your business. By creating spaces that wow customers and that can be shared on social media channels a relatively small initial investment in creating that space can rapidly pay for itself in increased footfall, publicity, and custom. .

For example, did you know that 87% of UK diners research destinations before visiting and are influenced by pictures of attractive locations? It really does pay to create spaces that people want to visit!

How Can We Help?

For more information contact a member of our team, and we will help deliver your project

  • A short note to let you know how delighted I am with the Christmas trees, I am absolutely over the moon. The guys came that came along were just delightful to deal with and have done a sooooooooooooooooooper job.

    Nichola - Prestigious Car Brand - Ryton on Dunsmore

  • We're extremely happy with the plants, they look great!

    Leonie - Administrative Assistant - London

  • It’s been great working with you and I think all the sites look brilliant!

    Lewis - Events Manager - Manchester


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