Moss walls in Birmingham

We’re perfectly equipped to deal with moss walls in Birmingham due to the proximity from our main production facility and head office in Leicester which helps us react quickly and effectively to any needs our clients have.

The flexibility of moss walls

Preserved moss is super lightweight and doesn’t need water or sunlight, so it can be installed almost any indoor setting, on any scale.

Totally maintenance free

Once installed, moss walls require no ongoing maintenance and will go on looking beautiful for many years.

Striking Interiors

Sustainably harvested from Scandinavian forests and suitable for installation in almost any indoor space, preserved moss can be dyed in a wide array of colours, and combined with other elements such as 3D forms, lighting and signage to create striking art installations.
Plant Plan uses three main moss varieties – woodland, bun and reindeer moss - which are treated with an eco-friendly preservative to keep them soft, springy and vibrant.

Because our moss is preserved, there are few limits to what you can create and where it can be installed; it copes with curved walls, underground spaces, heat, cold and humidity alike. Moss is ideal for retrofitting using bespoke, lightweight panels that don’t need water, nutrition or power to create eye-catching displays that will look great for years.

The beautiful colour and softly mounded forms of moss appeal strongly to our natural biophilic instincts, creating green walls that blur the boundaries between indoors and out, for healthier working environments that support human wellbeing in many of the same ways as living plants.

Woodland Moss
Reindeer Moss
Bun Moss

Simple installation

Our moss walls are designed and manufactured off-site using lightweight panels that simply screw onto the wall in your premises for immediate visual impact. Large scale moss walls are usually created in sections for convenience. Plant Plan offers a flexible supply and fit or supply only service depending on your needs.

There isn’t any! After installation, you don’t need to do anything to keep your moss wall looking good – it’s permanently preserved and designed not to wilt, fade or shed.

As well as its natural shades of green, preserved moss can be dyed to almost any colour. Clients can select colours to complement their company branding or even recreate brand elements such as logos made entirely from moss.

Contact Plant Plan today to discuss your options for moss wall installation and to receive a no-obligation quote based on your ideas.

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