Zuaya Zuaya is an exotic Latin American restaurant located in the prestigious London Borough of Kensington, offering its patrons a true feast for all the senses that starts the moment they cross the threshold into its decadent interior.

The Brief

A trendy tapas-style restaurant, Zuaya’s theme is ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. They wanted to create a dramatic jungle theme throughout the restaurant, with a huge amount of replica planting for maximum impact.

Scope of Project

We created a lavish botanical feel throughout the restaurant using a variety of low maintenance replica plants and preserved moss. There was extensive ceiling planting to the basement and ground floor levels, which required its own support structure to be installed prior to the plants being put in place, with the client specifying very dense planting that would completely conceal the ceiling. We also supplied replica hanging plant ‘balls’, a large moss wall with illuminated signage, a flower wall around the external entrance door and built-in planted troughs throughout.

The specification on this job changed several times throughout the project as the client sought to add more areas of planting.
As a final flourish we added moss to mortar joints on the exposed internal brickwork: a very labour intensive process that had to be completed by hand.