Back to work - Why planting should be part of your programme.

Back to work - Why planting should be part of your programme. Coming back to work after this pandemic will bring a new set of challenges in the way we work and how we interact with each other. Here we explore how planting can be used to assist in this shift to the 'new normal' and to keep our spaces happy and healthy.
1. Dividing spaces
With the social distancing laws in place, we need to allow people to work whilst being a safe distance away from others. 'Hard' dividers such as solid screens and furniture do work, but can make a space feel closed off and oppressive. However, softer dividing solutions like planting troughs and planters can provide a much more visually pleasing and less confining. Floor standing planters and movable green walls are very flexible. Additionally as the space eventually opens up more, they are relocatable to accommodate the changing environment.
Plant Plan Back to Work - Dividing Space using Plants
2. Way Marking
One way systems are becoming more and more prevalent in spaces. This is especially true where a large amount of people will be present. Companies can use signs and arrows to assist staff as they make their way around the building to keep them within safe distance of others when they come back to work. Movable moss screens and wall panels with arrows are another great way of bringing in this signage. They improve the amount of greenery in a space, help reduce noise and can be relocated as the situation changes.
Plant Plan Back to Work - Waymarking using green panels and screens
3. Mental Health Boost
We are all under pressure at the moment, and these little splashes of greenery around a workspace can really help better people's moods. Using biophilic design principles and adding in plants and other natural elements will relax staff and increase their productivity. People coming back to work for the first time in months will need friendly reassurance. Showing staff you are investing in their wellbeing will make them appreciate the company more and this will increase their output and attitude towards work. Plant Plan Back to Work - Boost the metal wellbeing of your employees using plants Do you agree? If you need a hand with any of the above, or just a general chat about how your workplace can be improved, get in touch.