Why choose artificial plants?

Why choose artificial plants?

Artificial Plants MidlandsChoosing artificial plants over living plants for your office or business doesn’t necessarily mean they are superior.

In fact, both plants present many advantageous properties of their own. However, we have dedicated this blog post to artificial plants and how they not only improve the aesthetics of an environment but are much more manageable for a busy environment that may not have the time to maintain living plants. So, what are some of the benefits of acquiring artificial plants for your office?

They won’t die

Let’s start with the obvious; artificial plants will not die. Whatever the reason for using flowers and plants in a room - whether for show, to liven it up or bring freshness - artificial plants and flowers will last more than several weeks.

The only maintenance they will need in order to keep them looking fresh is the occasional wipe over with a soft damp cloth. An artificial plant will only start to look a little worse for wear with the accumulation of dust; looking after them means they retain their colour and overall look of freshness forever.

Maintenance is easy peasy

There is the common dilemma that everybody experiences when keeping living plants alive - when does it need to be watered? And how many times? Do I buy plant food?

Keeping floral arrangements, potted plants and single blooms alive and healthy will take a little time out of your working day as they require fresh water and nutrients. But living plants are unlikely last more than a week or so. Artificial plants do not have this problem.

They’re cleaner

Artificial plants will not shed leaves or petals and there won’t be any water spillages that often occur when watering living plants. If an artificial plant is accidentally knocked over, there isn’t the issue of having to clean up any soil.

Miscellaneous benefits

Among the benefits mentioned above, there are a number of other benefits artificial plants have. Insects, for one – they may attract some but they will quickly be left as they lack any live properties a living plant has, such as smell and nectar.

Temperature will not have any effect on artificial plants, and so they can be placed anywhere in an any environment - in direct sunlight or cool areas - without the risk of them wilting.

Are those real?

Lastly, a large majority of artificial plants are only distinguishable by touch because they look so real. Silk plants have skilled artisans and artists to thank for their genuineness.

They appear to be living due to some plants having natural perfumes making it somewhat impossible to distinguish a living plant next to an expertly crafted artificial plant!

You can visit the website for further information about our artificial plants and how we can liven up any environment with our products. But can you distinguish which are real and which are not?