We've launched our B2C brand - www.greenyourworld.co.uk

We've launched our B2C brand - www.greenyourworld.co.uk It's a big step forward!  We're selling house plants direct Exciting developments at Plant Plan - we've just launched our consumer facing brand, known as 'Green Your World'. Trading from a custom-built webshop at www.greenyourworld.co.uk this offshoot from Plant Plan sells the following product lines direct to you, your friends, and your family.
  • House Plants, perfect for home offices, living rooms, and any other space in your house!
  • Grow Your Own Kits, great for gifts and occupying the kids.
  • Compost, a high quality range of potting composts perfect for all your growing.
  • Garden Plants, so you can decorate your garden using plants we know work well.
Interested in taking a look?  Want to start growing tomatoes at home - click here and take a look!