3 Ways You Can Utilise Plants into Your Office Design

3 Ways You Can Utilise Plants into Your Office Design There are many benefits to adding plants into your office design; from having cleaner air to increasing productivity and positively affecting employee’s mood. Did you know that just one plant can help improve memory retention and encourage employees to stay more engaged in a task?

Here are 3 ways you can add plants into your office design:

Living Wall A very popular design feature that offices are attracted to implement as they make such a powerful statement. While a living wall comes with its maintenance commitments, having a replica wall creates the same “wow” factor impressions for employees, clients and visitors while being a lot easier to look after and cheaper to install. moss wall in an office design Floor Standing Plants Arguably the simplest, but still just as effective, is the placement of a plant for your workplace. The size of your chosen tree is important and can have just as much of an impact as any other option, and having several of them is an attractive feature throughout your office. Wall Partition Having cabinet top troughs to separate departments or different areas in the office is an easy way to bring a natural element into the design. By incorporating them into something you need to have anyway, it’s an effortless design option for your office.  Other options include mobile green walls, mounted on castors, or moss walls. wall partition with plants

Not Sure How to Implement Plants in Your Office Design?

Deciding on the best place for your plants will be a decision you have to make based on your interior design as a whole. Otherwise, they might look out of place or be of no benefit in that position.  Talking with an interior designer or planting specialist will make these decisions not only easier, but will provide a solution that is bespoke for your office layout. They can also provide advice on installation and plant aftercare and maintenance to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the decision.