Plants in Retail Spaces - 4 great benefits

Plants in Retail Spaces - 4 great benefits Plants in retail spaces can have a massive positive effect on customers' perceptions and their willingness to stay and spend.
It's no secret that an environment influences human behaviour.  Most studies have focused on the use of planting in outdoor retail environments, but until recently there's not been studies conducted into the effect of plants on indoor retail environments.  This has now been done, and thanks to Margrét G. Kristjánsson we can report that plants will have a positive effect on shoppers! Expanding on E.O. Wilsons Biophilia theory, Kristjánsson's study has shown again that humans have an innate desire to be in natural environments, and find them less stressful and that they have a 'restorative effect on mental functioning and health'.  In real terms, the results of this deep down feeling make themselves felt in the following stats...
The 4 benefits of plants in retail spaces
  1. People rate store comfort and product quality higher in stores with plants in.
  2. People will rate employee interaction higher in stores with plants in.
  3. Customers will travel further and stay longer.
  4. Most importantly, customers are prepared to spend up to 12% more for products in shops that have plants in!
Plants in Retail Spaces This doesn't require you to fill your entire store with planting - however, it does require more than just 1 or 2 plants in a whole store.  Kristjánsson's study showed that having 3 or more plants in view at any one time was enough to stimulate customers to the results shown above.
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