Top 10 Best Desk Plants for a Greener Workspace

Top 10 Best Desk Plants for a Greener Workspace

The benefits of desk plants in your office

There’s nothing nicer than walking into an office filled with an abundance of greenery. As much as they can help to breathe life, literally and aesthetically, into a drab office workspace where we find ourselves cooped in for hours each day, they are also a great mood booster. Experts have always understood the benefits of plants in our homes, offices, schools and public spaces. But it’s now widely believed that indoor plants can positively impact our wellbeing and productivity, with a recent study revealing that 42% of participants said that being around plants improved their mental health. But, as we know, plants need to be looked after. And, in working environments particularly, the general upkeep of our plants can be neglected in replace of tight deadlines, endless meetings and busy work schedules. In turn, dying plants make a workspace look even more dreary than it did before, not to mention the negative opinions it can create when important visitors notice your withering ‘weeds’ in the corner of the room. So, you want to incorporate office plants into your work area, but never seem to be able to keep them thriving? Well, the chances are you’ve most likely not been picking the right plants for your environment. There are a wide variety of plants out there that are perfect for office spaces and can stay looking fresher for longer, with little maintenance.  Here at Plan Plan, we know exactly what office plants can thrive where. So, we’ve shared our top choices with you, so you and your team can experience the magic of plants and their benefits.

Our Top 10 Choices for Office Plants:


1. Crassula Ovate

AKA the Jade Plant If you or your workforce aren’t green-fingered fanatics, the Jade Plant is a perfect addition to your office plants collection. It needs very little maintenance and is very easy to look after, so any watering needed will be minimal. Those days of dead plants in the forgotten corner of your office will be long gone. With its thick, shiny leaves, it has a very striking look that will help to stand out in any modern workplace. One of its many other benefits is its durability. Offices today have to be well lit to minimise eye strain for workers, and the Jade Plant is able to tolerate bright light. This means it can even sit on a windowsill in full sun and still stay alive.  It even thrives at normal room temperature, so it will be very happy to be placed anywhere indoors - what more could you ask for in an office plant? And, fun fact. The Jade Plant is also known as the ‘money plant’ in Japanese folklore. This is because of its plump, round leaves, which look like coins. It’s said to bring financial success, so you’ll no doubt want to take a few.


2. Spathiphyllum

AKA the Peace Lily We could all do with a little peace at work, couldn’t we? Well, the Peace Lily can help you to find your inner zen at your desk. With its attractive white flowers and low maintenance nature, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful office space with minimal effort. The soil needs very little watering, and only requires being out of bright light to add some beauty to your otherwise dull office interior. 


3. The Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Laurentii’

AKA ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’ or ‘Snake PlantWith Sick Building Syndrome causing many employees to struggle with symptoms such as headaches, dry, sore eyes and other debilitating ailments, the importance of purifying the air in an office is vital. The Snake Plant is one of the most effective toxin-removing plants on the planet, according to NASA. It is supposedly successful in removing 107 different air pollutants - which is just one of the reasons why this is one of our favourite office plants. This means that if you were to place just two Snake Plants in a 100 sqft room, they would be able to clean any air pollution that exists in the space. What’s more, the plant is easy to grow, hardy and has a long lifespan. Want to find out why we love this plant so much, read more on the benefits of the Snake Plant in our blog post.

4. Dracaena Janet Craig

For offices with insufficient lighting or in an enclosed space, the Dracaena Janet Craig should be your go-to office plant. One thing this plant does is make a big impact. Its large leaves stand proud in any space and can improve the level of greenery in a space immensely. Like the Snake Plant, the Dracaena Janet Craig is also effective in air purification, so is a great addition to a busy office space. 

5. Aglaonema Maria

One of our personal favourite office plants, the Aglaonema Maria is a type of plant we use in office installations to create a real impact. What makes them perfect for office spaces is that they are tough and can withstand lower light levels than other species. With its recognisable patterned leaves, this works with a variety of different office interiors and can bring style and sophistication to a space, without the upkeep. For an expert tip, we love including Aglaonema Maria in our designs with a mono-painted interior to add a showstopping statement to an office entrance area. 

6. Epipremnum aureum

AKA Devil’s Ivy Devil’s Ivy? We’d prefer ‘Angel’s’ Ivy, as this gem of a plant is a treat to look after! Despite the name, Devil’s Ivy is a climber but only rarely exceeds 8ft. This means it can really be utilised to add some much-needed greenery to an office space. Its beautiful heart-shaped leaves are a lovely addition to a desk space and will bring the love to any grey, tired workstation. It can easily adapt to a variety of conditions, so an office space will be a piece of cake for this hardy plant. We would usually recommend keeping this out of direct sunlight, but it does need to be near a window to grow and live sufficiently. 

7. Codiaeum variegatum ‘Petra’

AKA Croton Petra In need of some colour adding to your office? The Croton Petra might be just what you need. Its distinct, reddish leaves can help to enhance your colour scheme and stop any dullness in its tracks. Similar to the other plants in our list, this needs little maintenance too. All it needs is enough light, which you can tell if it’s lacking if the leaves are to slowly losing colour and watering occasionally. It will even start to droop and drop its leaves when it’s in need of water, as a signal that it’s thirsty.



8. Warneckii Dracaena

AKA Dracaena Lemon and Lime This is the cousin of the Dracaena Janet Craig and is another distinctive plant option that can help you to add some character to your office. One of the ‘not so’ tough plants on its list, it does need a little extra TLC every now and again to keep it looking its best. But its luscious leaves are perfect for filling out sparse areas in an office and are worth that little bit of effort to look after occasionally.  

9. Ficus Lyrata

AKA Fiddle-Leaf Fig A classic, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig is just as great as its name. A very popular option in office spaces for its unique look, this is also a clear favourite with interior designers. It recently became the go-to plant for these interior designers as it really captures a modern style and makes for an impressive planting scheme for an indoor space. 

10. Monstera Deliciosa

AKA the Swiss Cheese Plant From its fame in the ’70s, the Cheese Plant has become a hit once again in modern interiors across the world. If you’ve ever been on Pinterest to look at home decor, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Its beautiful, glossy leaves and unusual shape make it a real winner style-wise, but it’s also very easy to maintain and look after too. Office spaces are always uplifted when a Cheese Plant is used, as it’s fan-shaped leaves create a great impact in any area. It’s one of our favourites, and we know it’ll be one of yours too.    We understand that’s a lot of information to take in, but we’re really passionate about plants and helping to utilise them in office spaces to improve the indoor environment. If you’d like some expert advice on choosing the best plants for your workplace, or on the different ways you can maintain them, please get in contact with our team here.