Moss Walls - the remarkable acoustic properties!

Moss Walls - the remarkable acoustic properties! Every office needs quiet working areas, for relaxation, concentration, and meetings. Moss has been shown to have excellent acoustic properties through the absorption of sound waves. Open layout offices can be noisy places, and integrating moss walls to reduce noise is a great option. They are sustainable, look great, and have been proven to reduce sound levels up to 10dB. Studies carried out in the Netherlands have shown that moss panels have an absorption value (or AW) of 0.96, and that they are particularly good at absorbing mid and high range sound frequencies such as the human voice, phone ring tones, and printer noises. Recommended background noise levels in an office are around 45 decibels, yet open-plan offices are frequently found to have background noise levels between 60 and 80 dB! Installing moss walls in your office can help reduce this number, giving your staff a healthier and more pleasant working environment. Loud noise and constant higher-than-recommended levels of noise can lead to headaches and can make hearing problems such as tinnitus even worse. Whilst it is good to have some chatter and banter in an office, the noise levels do have to be managed. Employees are all different, and some may need to sit in a quiet booth to do their best work, so it is important that an office caters to all types of people. Moss works great on either large office walls, or in small booths - its flexibility gives massive scope for it to be included in a whole host of different applications. The many different patterns and shapes that can be formed also mean that it can be used for signage and waymarking, further reducing acoustic in the space. Moss acoustic panels Moss Art Large moss Wall in an Atrium Mixed moss Wall in an Office                             For further information on our moss walls and their acoustic applications, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help!