The 5 Best Desk Plants

The 5 Best Desk Plants What are the best desk plants that you can go and buy today? Not everyone works in the Amazon Spheres or has a WeWork they can drop into where they'll be surrounded by plants, provided for them by their employer.  So sometimes sorting out your own office greenery is the only solution, and desk plants are the best option.  Here we've drawn on our years of experience of working with and caring for plants to bring you the top 5...
The 5 Best Desk Plants
Aglaonema Maria 
These make great desk plants as they don't need too much care and attention to thrive.  In fact, you're better off leaving them to grow in peace than fussing over them every day.  They're suitable for offices that don't have loads of light, and just water them when you can feel the compost is dry an inch or so beneath the surface (stick a finger in to find out.) And so you can wow the rest of your team with your plant knowledge, Aglaonema were first introduced to the UK in the 1880's and were grown at Kew Gardens.  They started the hybridisation process that now means we have many different varieties of the species.
Commonly known as the Peace Lily for reasons unknown, these desk plants are famous for their outstanding ability to clean the air!  NASA studies have shown that these plants out-perform other species when it comes to removing toxins from the air, so they're a great choice if you work in an office in a busy city where pollution levels are high. On the care side of things, Spathiphyllum prefer lower light levels, and will struggle with direct sunlight.  Keep them moist too - if they dry out they'll collapse... although a good watering and they'll revive and soon look great again.
If you're looking for some long lasting colour on your desk then Bromeliads make great desk plants.  Originating in the rainforests of South America and with their choice of brightly coloured flowers they'll bring a tropical vibe to your desk.  This combined with their ability to keep going for weeks means they're a great option for someone wanting a plant that's a little out of the ordinary. Need a fun fact about them?  They're related to Pineapples!  Care tips?  A little water once a week, and don't keep the soil wet - their roots don't like being constantly damp.  When the original flower dies back, the plant will grow new shoots - these can be replanted and will grow up into beautiful full size Bromeliads!
Made famous by the Victorians, immortalised by George Orwell, known as the Cast Iron Plant, this is one plant that is a great choice for someone who struggles to keep plants alive but doesn't really want a cactus on their desk.  This plant will cope with almost anything that is sent it's way, but one thing to watch out for is that it's not kept in direct sunlight as this won't be appreciated! Other than that caring for this plant couldn't be easier.  Just give it an occasional water so that it'd doesn't totally dry out, and make sure you wipe the dust off it's leaves to avoid it building up.
Ficus Ginseng
For those of you with plenty of light and a love of Zen gardens then the Ficus Ginseng is the perfect desk plant!  With it's short, stumpy bonsai style trunk and interesting shape it's a great plant for desks in high light locations... but be warned - keep this in a dark location and it'll drop it's leaves.  If you're looking for a beautiful desk plant that has loads of impact and will give you a challenge then this is the one! The more light it gets the more water it'll need so make sure you keep it damp at all times.  You'll also need to give it an occasional prune to keep it's neat, compact shape - this can be done with a pair of scissors, but watch out for the sap as it can cause irritation to skin. The Best Desk Plants Need more help with getting the best desk plants for your office?  Get in touch with us.