What are the most suitable plants for an office environment?

What are the most suitable plants for an office environment?

It has largely been debated that office plants are good for you and it’s true. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also have the ability to reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants.

Office plants promote a happier environment, encouraging employees to work more. There are a variety of different office plants that each have their own aspect of beauty, and would suit an office depending on your space or specific needs.

Office plants for those who are just starting out:

The most important thing to know is that the best type of office plant is one that requires little care. The ones listed below are perfect for those who are beginning their green-fingered venture, as they are easy to care for.

Pothos is probably one of the most adaptable plants, no matter if it is exposed to low light or brighter light. The heart-shaped-leaves plant will make a fine addition on a desk or shelf.

Philodendrons are climbers which is a clever way of adding a little height to certain areas that may require it. They can be placed in hanging baskets or even on top of filing cabinets.

Spider plants are probably the simplest of plants to grow and they look pretty good too! Place this particular plant up high for al to admire the beauty of its hanging spiderettes.

Snake plants look like they have green swords sticking out from the soil, which are a brilliant statement piece.

Cactus plants are popular choice for all. These are beautiful plants and have a wide variety of types to choose from. Just be careful where these are placed!

Office plants for reducing pollutants

The best plants for an office are those that reduce the pollution in the air.

Rubber plants are a fantastic edition to an office and also are known for effectively removing air pollutants indoor.

Dracaena, which is otherwise known as a corn plant, is another option for reducing air pollutions. Not only that but it is quite an easy plant to care for.

Peace lilies are another known for cleaning up the air. They are also quite tolerant of low light.

Other options for office plants

English ivy has been well known for the elimination of mould. It looks amazing either hanging or climbing up a pole.

If you’re looking for privacy, an umbrella plant is the perfect option as it grows quite tall. The care for this plant is usually dependant on the amount of light it is exposed to. The lower the light, the drier the soil; the brighter the light, the more water it will need.

Boston ferns will be a nice touch to an office as long as its basic needs are met; adequate lighting and moist soil.

African violet add a cute touch to the office. Are you tight for space but want to add a splash of colour? They require a bit more care than the other plants mentioned... although plenty of light and moisture is the most that they ask for!

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