6 Shocking Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.

6 Shocking Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.
Sick Building Syndrome is a real thing. It is a phenomenon caused by dry air, air-conditioning, and toxins and germs floating around a space unhindered. This can cause occupants to feel unwell, leading to absenteeism and poor mental health.
Symptoms can include:
  • Headaches
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dry, sore eyes
  • Rashes
  • Tiredness and difficulty concentrating
Sick Building Syndrome can have many symptoms, including headaches and tiredness.[/caption] Productivity suffers and sick leave rises, and businesses find themselves struggling with staff morale and retention.
Plants are an ideal way to combat Sick Building Syndrome as they:
  • Increase the humidity in the air
  • Filter out toxins and germs
  • Increase the oxygen level in an office
This shows that even plants alone can combat the effects of Sick Building Syndrome and provide an easy, cost-effective, and flexible way of keeping your staff and office healthy. 
Plants like the Sansevieria can be great for alleviating the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome[/caption]
Other ways to combat it are:
  • make sure the office has access to natural light
  • open windows/improve ventilation
  • try not to set the temperature too high (aim for about 19 degrees C) and don't change it lots of times during the day
  • try to reduce workplace stress
  • encourage regular screen breaks
  • encourage staff to venture outdoors for lunch and breaks
A healthy office is a happy office![/caption] If you think this may be affecting your workforce and would like a quick chat about options to combat it, get in touch! Source