Return to Work - Creating an attractive office

Return to Work - Creating an attractive office With most businesses now focussing on the return to work, it’s imperative that employees are given a space where they can do their best work. Creating an attractive working environment has never been more important! Bringing planting into an office can really help to improve the business. There have been many studies showing how plants in an office increase productivity, creativity, and wellbeing, and reduce absenteeism and improve mental health issues. This is from the improved visual aspect that plants bring, and also the air quality benefits they have, such as removing toxins, regulating the humidity, and reducing temperature. Planting can even help to boost a businesses’ bottom line! The return on investment can be substantial, showing that a small change like panting can massively impact the people in your business, helping them to do better work and to make the business better. You can work out what your ROI may be using our online calculator – There are many ways to implement planting into an office for the return to work, from floor standing planting, green walls and even hanging planting! By creating a planting scheme that fits your space, it becomes easier to implement planting, and creates an overall better look and feel to the space as the planting is structured and purposefully placed, rather than scattered around. Here at Plant Plan, we can help design a planting scheme to quickly and effectively bring greenery into your space, helping to make it a calmer and more relaxing space for everyone during your return to work. Send us a message to book your free planting survey!