The Pollution Solution?

The Pollution Solution?

Air pollution in the UK is claimed to kill 40,000 people per year. In this article: Read article here

The emissions levels in cities are getting to a crisis, with the EU threatening the UK with heavy fines if plans are not put in place to reduce them. One of the ways to combat this pollution is by integrating more plants in cities. By choosing plants that are the best at filtering the air, there’s potential to bring down the pollution levels significantly.

For instance, one tree can absorb up to 18kg of CO2 in a year, imagine how a tree planting scheme could transform the air quality of a city. However, London would need upwards of 5 billion trees to cancel out the population's footprint, so alternatives need to be found.

Enter the green wall.

Planted with the right plants, a green wall can clean air extremely effectively and be used in areas where traditional planting methods were previously impossible. Plants need CO2 to survive, so can flourish in cities where CO2 levels are high.

Green walls can be installed in many various places, including roof terraces, bland building sides, in reception atriums and in offices. As well as the air filtering they provide, they also add an amazing living art installation into the space. Living walls can create a great focal point to capture people's attention. Restaurants and hotels find this particularly useful for drawing and retaining customers.