How plants help retailers

Benefits of Adding Greenery to Your Stores

1.  Increased Visual Appeal.
Who wouldn’t agree? It's well known that people feel happier if their biophilic needs are satisfied, and including just a few well-chosen pots and plants on the shelves can help achieve this. Plants can help increase customer retention, encourage people to stay longer in the shop, and increase their desire to come back afterwards.

2.  Customers perceive products as being 30% higher quality!
Research has proven that customers rate the quality of the goods up to 30% higher, just if there is plants and greenery in the store. This can be a huge boost for stores to get a foothold above their competition. Giving your customers greener surroundings will not only make them feel comfortable and more likely to gravitate towards your brand, but also help you become a premium brand.

3.  Customers are prepared to pay up to 12% more!
As their perception of quality goes up customers are prepared to pay up to 12% higher costs than if the shop didn’t have plants. 

In our 40 years of experience, we’ve helped many stores revitalise their brands using both live and replica plants. Our excellent knowledge of all the up to date planting trends means we can give you the best advice and service to suit your brand, from small accents to help complement a brand to complete planting schemes.

Every job we do is bespoke, your brand reflected in plants. Give us a call today - 0800 289 3120.

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