The Power of Plants to Help Boost Office Efficiency

The Power of Plants to Help Boost Office Efficiency office productivity plants

Plants for the Office Environment

When it comes to boosting workplace productivity, improving worker concentration and increasing creativity levels, many organisations look to reinvigorate staff through measures such as team-building days, performance reviews and goal setting.

While all of these have their place – did you know that a proven and easy way to achieve all of these things is simply to add plants within the workplace?

Studies on plants in the workplace conducted by the University of Exeter, which compared people’s effective output across different types of spaces, concluded that the introduction of houseplants to a workspace can help concentration, boost productivity and help staff’s wellbeing by as much as 47%!

The effects of plants in the workplace comes as no surprise to the team here at Plant Plan! Providing planting solutions to a wide range of businesses, our planting designs can be used to create impact, add decorative appeal and even to ‘zone’ areas.

From restaurants to boutiques and offices large and small, whatever your type of business, we have come up with five simple ways you can incorporate plants into your workplace and help your business grow…

Plants in Offices Benefits

1. Add impact – A well designed office interior can help set the right tone for visitors and staff; showing them that you mean business. 

With this in mind many organisations look to add impact to their office space with a feature wall, and here at Plant Plan, we can create a feature wall that not only adds impact but the wow-factor too!

office productivity plants 
We offer two types of living walls; green walls and moss walls, in both cases the end result is very impressive. Our green walls can be created for inside or out and sees a range of carefully chosen plants arranged to create a wall of greenery and life.

Our moss walls can be installed in almost any indoor area, as moss is tolerant to most conditions. What’s more, utilising the flexibility of moss, we can create any shape or pattern – even company logos!

2. Give staff a gift – Add small plants at the work desk of every member of the team, having something green to look at can be calming.

3. Encourage staff to grow – If you have the space, why not create an area where staff can ‘grow their own’? Many vegetables can easily be grown in small containers and it could be a therapeutic way to spend a lunch break. Herbs are particularly easy to grow and many let off wonderful aromas that can help to energize or calm.

4. Create zones - Want to create breakout areas within an open plan office where staff can collaborate and share ideas? Large potted plants can be used to great effect to screen areas and they can even help minimise noise. As well as supplying planting options we are also able to supply planters too and our wide choice ensures that the right style, colour and design can be found to complement the existing interior design.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 16.14.33 5. Add a welcoming touch – Make visitors feel welcome with an eye-catching flower display. Positioned properly, vases of flowers can even be used to subtly direct visitors around the area.

Health Benefits of Plants in the Office

There is a wide range of plants that are perfect for the workplace, for example, rubber plants are known for their ability to remove indoor air pollutants while English ivy can help eliminate mould and is easy to maintain.

Here at Plant Plan, as well as devising an attractive planting scheme that complements your décor, we can also maintain your scheme, ensuring it looks healthy and vibrant all year round. If, for whatever reason, real planting isn’t suitable, don’t worry we can provide high-quality artificial planting that looks great too.

To discuss your business’ requirements simply call the team on 0116 275 3660 or email [email protected]