How Plants Can Help Boost Open Plan Working

How Plants Can Help Boost Open Plan Working

Pay a visit to pretty much any office and chances are you will find people working within an open plan environment.

An open plan office brings many benefits, firstly it encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas. It can also help employees work together better as ‘one team’ and build friendships, which ultimately all help to create a positive working environment. An open plan office can also bring financial benefits, for example, shared services such as printers, can be centrally located, with the need to install only one or two printers, rather than one within each room, helping to save on printing costs.

Of course, as well as benefits, there are also some disadvantages to open plan working. A key source of frustration can be the additional noise a large room can bring, which can be distracting and impact on productivity. A lack of privacy can also be a concern, particularly for managers who may be dealing with sensitive information or be required to hold private conversations.

For most businesses looking to address the issue of requiring more private areas within an open plan setting, erecting walls and partitions isn't an option. As well as the financial costs and upheaval while the work is being done, in the long-term it could detract from the benefits open plan working brings. An effective and less invasive solution is to create a more private area using plants.

Benefits of Plants For Workspaces

Plants can be used to great effect to zone off an area, or several areas, and are perfect for creating a space for:

  • breakout meetings
  • locating the water cooler or other staff facilities
  • meeting clients
  • a waiting area
  • staff briefings.

Depending on how much screening is required and the planting chosen, which could be real or artificial, a range of heights can be achieved. Planting can then be positioned to create an area that offers an element of privacy and demarcation from the rest of the office.

What’s more, as well as looking attractive, plants can also help to absorb noise, making the area feel quieter.

As well as creating specific areas using plants, it is also possible to effectively use planting to guide people around the space; particularly useful in very large open plan work areas. Making use of different plants and pots, it is easy to zone certain areas or teams together, helping create landmarks within the space and fostering team building.

In creating zones using plants, you can also help create a happier working environment. Studies show that plants can help to reduce stress, boost productivity and improve air quality.

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