Plants vs Mechanical air filtration - 3 Interesting Points

Plants vs Mechanical air filtration - 3 Interesting Points What are the benefits of plants in the office for filtering the air? Are there any benefits over mechanical air filtration? And what is better for businesses?
What's the deal with air filtration?
With an even greater focus on air quality and occupational health as we all start to head back to work, businesses will be looking at ways to create healthier, cleaner spaces for their workforce. Ways are needed to help create a redefined environment that’s suitable for the new normal. In addition to bringing in new technology, there are also existing technologies that can be adapted. Filtration will be required to make sure the air is clean and that any airborne threat is minimised.
Plants as air filters.
As well as mechanical air filtration, the air can be cleaned in other ways. Plants for example are a great example of this. Whilst they can’t be used as a substitute for filtering larger particles such as dust and smoke, they can absorb harmful gasses and toxins. Most air filters, even HEPA filters cannot absorb these VOCs unless expensive carbon filters are used. As well as filtering these harmful toxins out the air, plants also increase the oxygen level of the office. The reduction of these VOCs and increased boost in oxygen arguably has a greater effect than filtering out some of the bigger dust and smoke particles that our bodies filter out anyway through our noses.
The benefits of purer air
These toxins can have adverse effects on the brain including poor concentration, mood issues, headaches, and can lead to mental decline. If you remove these toxins from the air, it will keep your employees healthy and help them to improve their mood and productivity. This in turn will lead to better results for the business. Every plant will filter the air to some degree, but here are some of the best ones:   If you need to get your office back up and running and need any more information on the benefits of plants in the office, on planting types and what's best for you, get in touch with our sales team and they'll be glad to help you!