Office Planting Trends that will make it big in 2020

Office Planting Trends that will make it big in 2020

As the popularity of plants and greenness continues to rise, we're seeing office planting trends rising and falling in the biophilia arena. So without further ado, here are 3 things we think will be big in 2020…

2020 Office Planting Trends - Hanging/Ceiling planting

We've been having more and more enquiries for planting at high level and on the ceiling. This is the perfect answer for companies are wanting to increase the level of visual greenery in a space without compromising on floor space, which is becoming increasingly expensive. A green ceiling or high level hanging plants can really invoke memories of jungles and forests, adding an almost magical feel to a space. Need some inspiration? Look no further… Office Planting Trends - Hanging and trailing greenery and green walls

2020 Office Planting Trends - Domestic style planting

As the breakout and agile working spaces start to blend and combine together, we're seeing a rise in the domestic influences in spaces. People work best when they feel relaxed and at home so the office design has to reflect this if companies are wanting to tap into their employees best potential. With this change, the planting style has to change too. Mixed pots and plants in natural and terracotta tones help really bring home to the workspace. Just like this…

Office Planting Trends - Domestic Style Planting
2020 Office Planting Trends - Moving Planting

With flexible working on the rise, companies are investing in moving walls, relocatable furniture and multi-use spaces. This means the plants have to fit in. Movable living walls are an ideal solution for adding some plant life to a space and also provide screening. Check these out… Office Planting Trends - Moving Planting

These are 3 of the main office planting trends we think will make it big in 2020 - plants are definitely here to stay! Give us a shout if we can help!