Moss Walls - 5 quick questions answered

Moss Walls - 5 quick questions answered

What are Moss Walls?

Moss walls, also sometimes known as moss panels, are created using preserved moss mounted onto backing boards or other materials depending on the shape of the final product.  Besides looking amazing and allowing a huge degree of creativity in their specification, they also have acoustic properties that help reduce noise levels within offices, receptions, and other areas.  Very much on trend currently, moss walls are a hugely popular product that we have installed all over the country in a huge variety of buildings. Read on for more information, or find out more about Moss Wall Panel installation here

Are Moss Walls Sustainable?

Yes, they are.  All of our moss is sustainably harvested from forests in Northern Europe by teams who take every care to ensure that they do not damage the environment.  It is then preserved, packed, and shipped.  All of our moss is a 100% natural product.  

How Creative Can I Be With Moss Walls?

Moss walls enable you to be hugely creative!  Not only are there 3 key textures of moss available (Bun, Reindeer, Forest) but during the preservation process, the moss can be dyed in different colours, enabling you to create logos, writing, and patterns however you like.  Taking it a step further we can incorporate planting, signage, lighting, and other materials into a moss wall, giving you endless options to get creative and have a truly unique moss masterpiece on your wall!  

Am I Limited To Certain Sizes?

Absolutely not.  We have created moss walls in a huge variety of sizes, from tiny infills for a locker wall to a huge 15m wide one to go in an atrium in London.  There is no limit to how big you make your moss wall - our team will work with you and guide you through the process, and our modular format enables us to easily install any size project.  

Do Moss Walls Have Acoustic Properties?

Yes, they do.  Studies carried out in the Netherlands have shown that moss panels have an absorption value (or AW) of 0.96, and that they are particularly good at absorbing mid and high-range sound frequencies such as the human voice, telephone ring tones, and printer noises.  Recommended background noise levels in an office are around 45 decibels, yet open-plan offices are frequently found to have background noise levels between 60 and 80 dB.  Installing moss walls in your office can help reduce this, giving your staff a healthier and pleasanter working environment.   Got any other questions, want to discuss a project, or need a quote?  Simply get in touch - our phone number is 0800 279 3120, send an email to [email protected] or use our Contact Us page.